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Swasan FF: Entangled Love chapter 22

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Chapter 21


Chapter 22

Recap: Party preparation and Swara got invite…..

Sanskar’s pov

I was busy in talking with some of my business co ordinates when my eyes caught her, she was descending down from the stairs slowly. I tried hard not to stare at her but it was difficult. In a plain blue chiffon sari with heavily embroidered sleeveless silver blouse, she was looking gorgeous. Diamond studded earrings going well with her dress. Her long hairs falling on her face making it more beautiful. Her eyes man!

They were always beautiful but today with little touchup they were looking more attractive, she can create spell on anybody with those eyes. In that minimum makeup she was looking breath taking, unlike other women of the party who were lost somewhere behind the layers of makeup. Wait! Hold on your horses man….. I can’t believe myself? Am I really admiring a girl’s beauty and staring her continuously like a foolish teenage lover. When I came back to my senses I realized that men around me with whom I was talking few minutes ago were looking confusingly at me. I was little embarrassed. Now I had two options. First one was to ignore looking at her and concentrate on my talks which seemed impossible to me at that point of time and the second one was to excuse myself from them. I decided to go with the last one. I politely excused myself from there and moved towards the stairs. Looking at her I noticed that she was little nervous may be due the presence of so many unknown people who were eyeing her like me. Siya was with her, holding her hand and smiling. Surprisingly she came and stood beside me. I never expected this from her. I don’t want to lie but I was little happy with this. My gaze was still on her until Siya shook my hand and brought me back to my senses.

Siya: dad!! Where are you lost?
Sanskar: nothing… you tell why are you so late? (Stealing glances of Swara in between talking to Siya)
Siya: actually I was making shone di ready for the party. You know she was so nervous. She didn’t want to come but I told her not to worry because you will be with us.
Siya’s innocent talks made Sanskar smile…Swara was looking down, playing with her fingers. Sanskar was noticing each and every action of hers. She was feeling his gaze on her
Sanskar: yeah… you are right my dear… there is nothing to be nervous. But every girl is not brave like you my angel (he said all this in a teasing tone looking at Swara)
Suddenly Swara looked at him annoyingly…..
Sanskar: (in mind) aahh…. There she goes
In these few months he got it very well that how to make her feel comfortable. Just challenge her and she will be on her toes again.

Siya: Isn’t she looking pretty dad?
This question of Siya made both Swara and Sanskar to look at each other. Their eyes caught each other. Swara was little embarrassed initially but then unknowingly she became anxious for his reply. It seems like his opinion matters for her.
Sanskar: (lost in her again) yeah…. You are looking gorgeous Miss Bose. Sari suits you.
A small curve formed on Swara’s lips. She was feeling happy with his praise.
Swara: (shyly) thank you Mr. Maheshwari

Siya: (winning smile) I told you na he will praise you…
Sanskar raised an eyebrow to Siya and Swara giving them a look that “what is going on? Did I miss something?” Swara gasped, she was scared anticipating the consequences if Siya blurt out everything about the conversation they had upstairs in her room. She was praying in her mind “please please please durga ma save me”. Suddenly she took Siya’s hand and ran from there excusing herself saying “she is feeling thirsty”.
Sanskar confusingly looking at her not able to figure out what happened all of a sudden. He sighed and moved his hand through his hair saying “this girl is crazy”.


Swara and Siya were sitting at the drinks corner having their soft drinks. Siya was busy in making fun of the men and women who were over dressed (according to her). Swara was laughing at her childish behavior.

Swara’s pov
I was laughing at her antics. I must say it is always fun to be with her. I was enjoying her company totally forgot about my nervousness. Now I was busy in scanning the party hall. It was truly a business party… arrangements were lavish from decorations to caterers, from music to ambiance everything was just perfect. All the elite class people were present there mostly from the business world. Men were busy in their business talks and women accompanying them engaged in gossiping and checking hot men present in the party. My eyes caught few women who were busy in staring him. To my surprise it made me feel uncomfortable. Well I should admit that he was looking handsome in his blue shirt, grey coat and matching trousers. With his signature smile on his face he was looking more desirable. Wait a second “why I am thinking about him in this way”. I scolded myself for being an idiot, whipping away his thought I concentrated on Siya.

Swara looked at Siya who was looking little sleepy.
Swara: Siya dear… are you feeling sleepy?
Siya: yeah…. I think I am tired
Swara: ok come, lets have our dinner then we will leave
Siya: (innocently) if you want to stay I can manage
Swara: (smilingly) no dear am also feeling tired. This party is a boring stuff for me you know.
Siya: (excited) ok let me call dad we will have our dinner together
Swara: No Siya! He is busy with the guests. Moreover he would have to have his dinner with his investors may be.

Siya: (with a sad face) ok di as you say.
Together they were moving to the dinner area. In the middle of the corridor someone blocked their path. Swara looked at him with surprise. He was a tall middle aged man, perhaps in his early thirties having fair complexion. There was something evil in his personality which Swara sensed.
Man: (staring swara) hello beautiful ladies!!

Swara gave a fake smile to him while Siya gave him an “I don’t like you” look.
Man: (forwarding a hand towards Swara) hi…… am Kunal Dixit, CEO of Shiva Enterprises and one of the investors of Mr. Maheshwarie’s new project.
He gave a smile to Swara assuming that his long introduction which he gave just now is enough to impress the girl in front of him.
Swara: (hesitantly forwarded her hand to him) hi…. I am Swara Bose.
He squeezed her hand slightly and started caressing it sensually. Swara was shocked with Kunal’s gesture, she quickly removed her hand from his grip. He gave an evil smirk to her.
Swara: (angry) please excuse us… we have to go
Kunal: (blocking her way) well… I have an offer for you.

Swara: (aware about his wrong intensions) sorry but I am not interested.
She moved a little holding Siya’s hand. Suddenly she felt a grip on her wrist. She turned and got scared looking at Kunal who was holding her wrist.

Kunal: (to siya) kiddo…. Why don’t you go and have some fun?
Swara looked at siya with horror stricken face. She was sure that she won’t leave her alone in this situation but to her surprise Siya freed her hand from Swara’s grip and ran away from there. Now Swara was all alone like a lamb fallen in wolf’s trap. She tried to remove her hand from his grip but all goes in vain. She wanted to slap him right there but knowing he is one of the investors in Sanskar’s new project she was trying to handle the situation as calmly as she can. Because she didn’t wants to create any problem for Sanskar. She thought perhaps her one wrong step can cause a trouble for his business. She took a deep breath and said in strict tone.
Swara: see Mr. Dixit you are hitting at wrong place. I am not at all interested in any of your proposals. So, please let me go.

Her rejection kindled the rage in Kunal. He wasn’t used to of rejection.
Kunal: (angrily pinning her to the wall) don’t act like an epitome of chastity in front of me. I am very well aware about girls like you. You all act like pious souls but in real you are not more than a sl*t.
Swara’s eyes brimmed with tears. She was looking at that man with disgust.
Swara: (pushing him away) how dare you talk to me like this? I have never seen a disgusting man like you.
Kunal: (tightens his grip on her) why so much stubbornness baby? What do you think this will raise your price?

She can’t stand this humiliation anymore. She was about to shout but before this he kept his hand on her mouth.
Kunal: (smirks) what!! You want to create a scene over here. Well, it won’t affect me but will ruin you my girl.

Swara was helplessly looking at him. She was scared, hell scared. The apprehension of what’s going to come next can be clearly seen in her eyes. He removed his hand from her mouth and came close to kiss her. She moved her face to other side. She was feeling weak under his strong grip.
Swara: (in mind) please Durga ma! Save me from this beast.
He raised his hand to her chin and made her look at him. His lustful eyes was staring her lips. She was shivering. He leaned onto her to kiss her but suddenly a loud voice made him startled. Somebody called out his name loudly which made him look towards the source. By hearing an acquainted voice of a man swara took a big sigh of relief. Sanskar was standing there, he was looking furious.

Sanskar: (yelling) Mr. Dixit!!
Little scared with the deadly look in his eyes Kunal moved away from Swara but still holding her wrist. Sanskar came close to them and stand in front of Kunal. He took Swara’s hand from Kunal’s grip. She looked at Sanskar with teary eyes and stood beside him.

Precap: heated argument between Swara and Sanskar and he raised his hand on Swara.

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