Episode 31

Next morning swasan were sleeping peacefully in each others arms…. At that time as usual our son enemy has come to disturb them…. But the one who disturbed is sanskar…. He got up from his sleep….. But is shocked sensing some weight on him as he used to sleep alone…. Then only his mind striked that he is married…. Then he saw the beauty of the world sleeping peacefully in his arms…. He kissed in her cheecks and without distubing her stood from the bed and went to washroom and got ready…. Still his angel didnt get up…. So he went down and prepared coffee for both and came to their room….. Then went near swara and sat in the bed….


Sanskar:angel get up…. Today we have to go for ur house….
Swara:honey to my house only right??? We will go slowly no need to go early….
Sanskar:angel yesterday only u were telling that u have to go to ur mom’s house….. Now u r not getting ready…. Get up angel….
Swara:honey that is yesterday…. But today i cant…..
Sanskar:angel see i have prepared coffee and all…. So like a good girl go and get ready…..

Saying this sanskar pulled her up…… Without any option swara woke up and hugged sanskar and slept in his shoulder…..

Sanskar:angel u wont listen like this…. Wait and see what i will do….

Sanskar just took her in his arms and put down in the washroom under shower….. Swara opened her eyes when water fall on her…. With so much difficulty she took bath and finished her daily chores and came out…..

Sanskar is sitting in the couch and reading newspaper…. Swara came out and comb her hairs…. After getting ready she took the mangalsutra and about to wear but stopped and turned to sanskar and saw him…. He is just sitting in the couch and admiring his angel….

Swara:honey…. (showed the mangalsutra)
Sanskar:s angel….
Swara:idiot come and make me wear it…..
Sanskar:angel this is not fair….. Dont scold me….
Swara:then u should have automatically came and wore it on me….. But u???
Sanskar:angel i was mesmerised in u…..
Swara:(blushed)k k now come and make me wear it….

Then sanskar went and wore mangalsutra on her neck and kissed her neck…. Then he took a pinch of sindoor and applied on her head….. Then kissed her forehead…. After that both drank coffee(guys it was in flask so the hotness was there) then swasan went to swara’s house as shemish asked them to come for breakfast itself…..

Raglak didnt go to their house as swasan are coming today….. Only laksh went to his house to drop tarun to his school as his school bus comes near to their house….. Deepika to didn’t go for college….. Swasan then reached swara’s home…. Due to swara’s order swasan came in bike….. Swasan went inside the house…. Raglak and shemish welcomed them…. Swara went and hugged all…. Sanskar tool blessings from shemish and hugged laksh…. Then all had their breakfast and spent some family time…..

After sometime shekar get ready and went to his office….. Swasan,Raglak and Deepika planned to go out somewhere….. So all got ready and went out…. When sanskar took his bike a car came and stopped there…. Seeing it sanskar smiled…. Ha ha Atul came out from the car…. Seeing atul deepika was very happy….. Then atul,deepika,ragini and laksh went in atul car and swasan went in their bike…..

All went to park and spend sometime talking teasing and playing with each other….. Deepika swara and laksh were shocked to see a jovial ragini…. A very different ragini…. They liked this ragini a lot…. Without considering the surroundings laksh went and kissed ragini in his cheecks….. Though ragini is changed she felt uncomfortable in this….. But she also felt very happy as laksh kissed her after years….. Then all went to a restaurant and finished their lunch and went home…. After dropping raglak and Deepika atul too went to his home…..


There in shekar’s office he didnt get usual response from the staffs…. But brushing his thoughts off he concentrated on his work…. Kamal Narayanan didnt come to office that time…. After lunch kamal Narayanan came….. Seeing shekar in office he felt very angry….. He thought to throw him out but suddenly something strike his mind and went to his cabin with smirked face….. After going to his cabin he called shekar to his cabin….

Shekar:excuse me sir….
Kamal:s come in….

After seeing Shekar….

Kamal:oh samandji dont need for permission and all…. This is ur office….
Shekar:sir no no i m just employee here….
Kamal:so now only u came to know this right???
Kamal:then how dare u??? U made my son and ur daughter get married….
Shekar:sir even i do no….
Kamal:shut ur mouth….. If u need money u would have asked me…. I would have given u….. But u made ur daughter to trap my son…. Dont u have shame????
Shekar:sir i didnt know that swara and sanskar love each other…… If i would have known it before…
Kamal:(interrupted)if u know it before what u will u do haan???
Shekar:i would have done something which separates them….
Kamal:even now u have chance for that….
Shekar:(shocked)sir what r u saying????
Kamal:i m saying the fact…. I cant accept ur daughter as my dil…. Ur daughter has insulted me in the temple….

Kamal:s the girl who insulted me in temple is none other than ur daughter only…. I thought to make sanskar marry to my friends daughter but ur daughter spoiled my dream….. If at all sanskar married that girl ashok might have given me 100 crores as dowry…. But can u give???
Kamal:even now i can make sanskar get married to ashok daughter….
Shekar:what r u saying??? No its not possible….
Kamal:everything is possible for me…. Even u are going to separate them now….
Shekar:no i wont spoil my daughter’s life….
Kamal:then ur life will be spoiled…. Ur family will spit on you and disown you….
Shekar:what r you saying???
Kamal:s if u didnt separate swasan then i will tell ur family about ur work….
Shekar:no no…. U cant do this to me….
Kamal:s i can do this to you…. I will tell what work you were doing…. Ur family is believing you as a good man but ur work here is to supervise all my illegal activities…. If i say this then the same daughter will break ur realtion with her….
Shekar:sir u cant do this to me…. Pls pls dont do this….
Kamal:if i shouldn’t do this then make differences between swara and sanskar and separate them…. And swara should come and ask sorry to me for insulting me in the temple…. Now u may go….

After this shekar went to his home lifelessly…. On one side he cant spoil his daughter’s life…. On other side he is afraid whether his family will disown and break relation with him if they knows the truth…. Thinking all this he reached home…. Sharmistha talked to him but he didn’t talk to her just ignored her stating work pressure…. At that time swasan,raglak and deepika entered inside the house happily…. Seeing them happily he felt guilty and went inside his room….


Now what will happen???
What will shekar do now???
Whether swasan will be separated???

Keep reading to know it…. Dont forget to comment guys…. Pls silent readers do comment….

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