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Swasan few shots – BENGALI QUEEN AND MARWARI KING …. Part -2

Hii guys happy janmashtmi to all af u … and I got little low response … I thought I will get atleast 20 comments but I got only 14 …. if u want me to give u next part then I want atleast 20 this time plz …

Let start
Swara – what are u doing in my college??
Sanky – oh hello miss nackchadi bose .. what do u mean by my college is it ur dad’s college ….
Swara – oh ho mr.akdu maheshwari … just ur mouth ok ….
Ragini gets irritated seeing swasan fight .
Ragini – guys… guys .. stop yaar …why u both are fighting like tom and jerry …
Swara /Sanskaar {angrily}- I don’t look as Jerry / Tom ….. understood that .
Ragini – ok … ok … swara u don’t look as jerry and sanskaar u doesn’t look as tom … ok…
Swara -hahaha …. ragini what a joke … sanskaar exactly look as tom ….
Sanskaar – oh just shut up MISS JERRY BOSE …


Swara – And u just shut up MR. TOM MAHESHWARI ……
Ragini started laughing . Swasan pass ragini a death glare . Ragini became quite as an obidient child .
Ragini – waise MR . TOM MAHESHWARI …
Sanskaar gives her a death glare . Ragini just realized what she said and bit her tounge . Swara giggles .
Ragini – I mean mr.maheshwari can u tell me ur name …
Sanky – sanskaar …. sanskaar maheshwari ….
Ragini – oh soooo u r new comer …
Swara – he is new comer …. from which angle he is looking u as handsome …
Swara giggles and sanky gives him death glare .
Sanskaar – just shut up u MISS JERRY BOSE ….
Swara. – don’t call me by that name again MR.TOM MAHESHWARI …..
Again swasan started fighting . This time ragini stopped their fight and took swara to canteen while sanskaar left for class . ..

Here in another place .
A man was shown shouting on the same goons which teased swara .
Man – how could u do that ????? U can’t molest a girl and morever u can’t fight with a boy ….. . U are men of MR.ADITYA KHANNA…. get that I don’t want this mistake again…..
Goons – sorry …..
Adi – ok…. now I will not leave that girl and boy… they had ruined my reputation in underworld …. if any of my frnds will know abput it then …. I want each and every information about them . .
Goons – ok …..

Here in college .
Swara was sitting in proffessors table and all the her colleagues were sitting in each of the benches like bidient child . Just then sanskaar comes.
swara – u all have to come in my birthday party .
Ragini – of course we will come my bestiee …
Swara – yipeeee…..
Sanskaar smiles seeing her behaviour .
Just then he heard a voice .

Voice – u will not call me soooo bad …
Swara sees the person and it is none othee than sanky .
Swara goes to him .
Swara – oh ho …. u can also come … waise I thought not to call u but everybody is coming so u can also come …
Sanskaar – ok ….. waise tum itni bhi buri nahi ho can we frnds ….
Swara nods yes and shake hands . Both are happy with their frndship .

After college finished
Swara – ragu chale …
Ragini nods yes and they left from college .
Ragini hugs swara .
Ragini – bye my bestie …. love u muahhh….
Swara bid bye to each other . Ragini left in her scooty . Suddenly swara realized that her car is damaged and she came from taxi to college in the morning .
Swara – now what to do ????

Suddenly she sees a car standing in front of her . She sees a man at driving seat . He is none other than sanky .
Sanky {while sitting in car }- aana ho toh jaldi aao waise bhi mere paas time kahan hai ….
Swara in mind – should I go or not … and waise bhi I have no other option .
Without saying anything she immediately sits beside sanky and they drive off .

At evening
Hotel abhinandan
Swara ‘s birthday party
Everyone is enjoying and then sanky came .
Shekhar comes on stage .
Shekhar – today is my princess 21st birthday …. thanks for coming and being a part of our hapiness …
Everyone claps .
Shekhar – so here is my daughter ….
Swara comes from behind .

The end . .

So guys how was it and plz comment .. next part will be on saturday

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