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swasan feel my love Chapter 1(Four shot)

Hello Everyone….seeba here…this story focus on swasan..
it’s a four shot

Let’s starts


She is waiting for him..with reheated foods..in hall.she is often checking her mobile and look towards entrance..her mobile starts to peep indicating it has received message..
She hurriedly open the message its from him..”I had my dinner,you have yours.I will be late,don’t wait for me..Good night”.

She kept the items in the fridge and fill jug with water and headed towards her room..but stopped by a voice..


Sujata: what happened swara?Did he contact you?

Swara: yes mom,he has work to complete and he will be late…and he had his dinner…

Sujata: O god..what to do with this boy..always work ,work,work…ufff..ok..you go and sleep..it is very late now..

By saying this sujata went to her room..swara enter into her room and feels suffocated…everything is alright but there is emptiness in her room..
Her mind : only in room?
Swara: then what?
Her mind: don’t you think you are feeling lonely ?
Swara couldn’t understand what is happening…there is no fight between them…then what??

While thinking this she slept unknowingly.. Morning when she woke up she saw him sleeping beside him..
By seeing him,she feels happy but she don’t want to disturb him..
So she got ready and went to morning arati and prepared breakfast along with her in laws ..Later he came down by getting ready in formals and had his break fast and bid bye to everyone and flew to his office
Sanskar in his cabin,after completing his works..closed his eyes and remember happenings of past two months..


Adharsh and parineetha got exposed and child was handover safely to sharmista ma..
I couldn’t control myself and beat him black and blue when I came to know he is the one who try to defame swara’s image through newspaper..

Badepapa ordered them to leave the house and broke all ties with them. Bade ma shattered completely..
But Badepapa is determined in his decision..

But swara suggested badepapa to give them their share of property..so that they can lead their life,because after that incident no one is ready to help them..badepapa agreed to this..they shift to mumbai..

Everything is settled now(I thought)..and I was waiting for her..she entered…i was smiling widely by seeing her,my hormones advise my brain to initiate soon….brain accept its advice obediently…she came near me,by lost in her thoughts… I grapped her hand and made her sit on my lap by wrapping my one hand on her waist and other by caressing her lips.she is still in her thoughts…i lean forward..forward to capture her rosy lips..her lips always has power to make me loose my control..


” uff my wife is the number one villian in our romance”

I got irritated and gave her now what expression

She said, sanskar bade ma is very sad ..I think we should do something ..to make her happy

Ya..I am trying to do many thing with you..you are not cooperating

She said, sanskar enough of your masti..and told me about her plan to make badema happy..

Poor me

Another day
I am missing my wife,our closeness ,her fragrance, her moans during our intimacy which makes me crazy
I planned for dinner date and booked a resort for our special moments
I am driving towards my house
“Mrs Sanskar Maheswari today you can’t stop me”

I entered into my room by whistling dreaming our upcoming romance,smiling like maniac..but to my shock she is packing her bags

You heard something broken ,isn’t it?

It is my heart

Swara ,why are you packing..are we going somewhere??
Her reply made me sad

She said,”yes sanskar,but not we ..only me..you know ,I fear dadi will harm chotu..so I decided to stay in baadi for few days and will pack dadi to hoogly,to her sister house…”

But swara…before I complete we heard a voice..my mom asking her to come soon,her father is waiting…

What a timing “father in law”..
Days are passed she completed her mission of sending dadi to hoogly successfully…

When she was in baadi..We both used to speak in phone..but not much,she was busy in her mission…and I went few times to baadi to meet her and spending some time…but the topic we speak is related to family

Finally she returned to MM

When she informed she is returning …i am in cloud nine…i am very happy….i decided to take her long drive,no mobile,no missions…only we two and romance

I entered into my room,there she is ..when i was about to hug her…my saali Mrs.Laksh Maheswari interrupted by calling swaraaaaa…

She said she is going outing with her husband and request my wife to take care of arrangement for pooja on next day..
My wife genuinely happy for her sister and agreed with her by spoiling my plan…

I couldn’t control myself and said her sister that we have somework in outside…but my wife convince her saying she will take care here and ask her to enjoy..
She left happily and my wife ask me to fresh up ..and she will bring tea for me

I didn’t utter a word and went to fresh up…when I came out tea and snacks are there placed on teapoy. I searched for her…she is in hall,making arrangements for next day pooja and my sister called me for dinner….at night I was waiting for her…in the process I slept….when i woke up she is getting ready for pooja and ask me to get ready…by telling this she went out

Flashback ends

I am really frustrated…but I love her…I need her presence around me…our closeness…but she always care for others…it doesn’t mean she don’t love me…she loves me more than anything..but why she didn’t care for our closeness,our private time….it hurts me….she understand others well,but not me and my feeling… ..to divert my mind i start to focus on my new project….last 20 days i am working hard for this project…and also to divert my mind from her thought and my longingness for her.Even now,I am thinking about her
His thoughts interrupt by phone ringing sound..he came out of his trance and proceed with his work..

Night 10pm
Maheswari mansion
In dining hall.

I am waiting for his arrival…but I received his call..

Swara: sanskar.where r u?

Sanskar: swara,I have important meeting to attend tommorrow at pune…I don’t have enough time,leaving now from office…I had my dinner..don’t worry.you eat well, take care.. (He told everything in one breath)..

Swara: sanskar..

Sanskar: swara,I call you later.. Bye..good night..

Swara:good night

After arranging the foods in refrigerator..I headed towards my room.
While moving I had to pass raglak room..light is still on in their room..It is clearly audible ,husky noises and giggling sounds..without disturbing them,I silently move towards my room..

I feel lonely,I couldn’ t bare this silence in our room..I am missing him..we don’t have any fights,he too speaking normal to me…then why I feel,something is went wrong
I don’t understand…sanskar please come back soon

Next day
Afternoon 3.00 pm

No one is in house ,except me..ragini and laksh went to baadi and all others went to marriage function..because of head ache ,I stayed back at home …I feel irritated ,angry and tears are making its way..
Because of busy schedule,he send voice message stating” he is fine here..ask her to take care and he will come back soon”..I feel lonely…without him…

I decided to go for shopping,so that i can come out from this unknown stress..

At shopping mall..
Ladies section
While I am checking out latest trends of sarees,accidentally I see her…

“O my god,she is Nisha…my bestie..we were very close to each other…on seeing our bond, many assumes we are real sisters.we spoke everything frankly with each other…i am seeing her after one year,i ran to her and beat her shoulder”

Nisha: heyyyyyy,sherni

Swara: ha….barbie(laugh out loud)

Then they notice ..every one eyes are on them. ..so they speak in low voice..

Swara: when did you come here??
Nisha: Two days before..i thought to give surprise visit to you..but see ..we met here..

to be continued

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