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Swasan – does love need perfection ? Episode 18

Hello friends I’m back again… Guys actually i have notice comments are very powerful.. I was going post this three days later..but the comments forced me write now…thank you very much to all for comments.. Guys if you find this small then forgive me…yes and l want to share a secret that swara is inspired from my life..a Swara like this used to live near my house…and this Swara and Sanskar are real….but some small changes are here…

Swara point of view
The class started and nandini ji asked all to introduce ourselves…. I came to know about other…most surprising is uncle ji is from my village. Soon my turn came. I came in front and was feeling nervous as all were looking at me…and lafanga aka j was smiling?
Me : my name is swara mah…
Suddenly i stopped i can’t reveal that I’m Sanskar’s wife…then he will come to know and maybe wont let me continue…
Lafanga said what happened miss..forgot you’re surname ? ?
Boss..Swara Boss ?
The class started… And they taught us basic things.. I didn’t find much difficult as i read it home before.. I don’t want to say but.. That lafanga teaches well…but this silly talks … I’m having a slight feeling that he is lookalike of Joy mittal and have kidnapped him…
Though the lesson were easy i got many homework…as this course will end in one month…i just can’t believe that after one month i will be able go with my Sanskar everywhere, talk in English just like kavita.. But one change…not those shorts dress at all..

The class finished… I and siya piya are going out..i saw uncle went on foot on a nearby old home… A big car just like the one which Sanskar drives came and took shravan…siya piya went on their scooty…
I was waiting for kaki..but suraj kaka came but that to with chorui..
Myself – aw you have come to pick me…
He barked and passed me what..an attitude… Just like his buddy..
I reached at home 2 pm..this traffic !
I just ran into my room after changing clothes… I just have to finish my homework and revise my lessons…i won’t be able to do that when Sanskar is at home…
Just then the phone rang…and i went downstairs..
Me – hello…
Sanskar : where were you i called you ten times..?
Oh my god..now what should i say..i have to lie..please god forgive me..
Me : sorry.. I was in the garden..
Sanskar : okk..i want to say that my cupboard is little messy and i cant find a tenders file… Look what I’m saying to whom…tender..
Forget it a red color file… Find that..
Me : ok.
I ran to room and opened the cupboard… All his clothes fell on me…such a mess !
I cleaned it and arranged in order… But i couldn’t find any red file…I looked at the table also but no…wait is he sure it’s in the room..i went in the study room…and yes i find it after lot struggle.. This Sanskar.. Na bhulakkar..he kept in study and messed the cupboard..
But it’s 3pm i should wash the clothes…or it will not dry…i started to wash the clothes and kamla kaki came to help me…we both did it quiker.
I was about to run to finish my home work but i heard the a loud scream….
I went to garden and saw ksmla kaki has falen and chorui have again made all the clothes dirty…
I helped kaki…and again went to wash clothes..this chorui…
I again washed them and then i remembered to prepare dinner as it was nearly six…
I cooked the foods. I was feeling extremely tired.but i have to study…
Suddenly door bell rang and Sanskar came…soo early…and in a bad mood..
Sanskar : where the hell where you..did you find it ?
Me : yes..


Third person point of view
Sanskar went inside and started to talk in phone after ordering her to serve foods…
He came diwn after fresh up and still was talking and scolding someone..
Sanskar : useless people.. Why have to prepared vindi…
Swara : you like it na…
Sanskar : no..all are useless..

He eat other things and went upstairs
Swara understood that he is in bad mood…but she was worried about how to finsh her lesson…
She was also thinking what if he starts to make love with her..
She went in her room…Sanskar had stopped talking in phone.. But was going to light a cigarette….
Swara : don’t do it…please
Sanskar looked at her..and came closer.. Swara understood his intentions.. And was going back untill she falls on bed…Sanskar came on top of her..was about to kiss..
Swara : Sanskar… Leave it for today..please
Sanskar shouted : what have happened to you..then what should i do with you… You didn’t let me do it yesterday.. And even dont want me to have cigarette… And these useless workers..
Swara was feeling very sad…her husband was in tension… But she didn’t wanted to do this… Study was necessary….
Sanskar : cigarette or….
Swara looked helplessly at the notes beside side table.. And then to Sanskar… She closed her eyes..and gave a positive sign..

Sanskar smirks happily which swara couldn’t see…
He hold her chin and said ” that’s like a good wife…you saved me from dying a little”
Sanskar throws the cigarette and came on top of her and nuzzles his face on her shoulder and holds her hand tightly which pushed and fall on the side table and the papers fall down…
Swara closed her eyes…..

Screen ends on the fallen notes….helpless swara and satisfied Sanskar…

Friends shoot comments for me…

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