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Swasan – Devil’s love in my destiny prologue + episode 1 and 2

Guys this is the ff swsan devil’s love or its my love in your destiny renamed. Thank you for the comments on first episode. Let’s start –

Swara is trying to find a way out of the hell.. But no the devil is more clever than her…
“He is ” swara heard a voice said
Swara : who are you…?
Hmm..a haunted soul of haunted mansion.. But can be a friend for you !
Swara : friendship with a soul ! But where are you ?
Behind you…

Swara turns and a winds blow over her face making everything blurred. She slowly saw it taking the a masculine form..
In you’re service my Queen… He bowed down to swara
Swara : I’m not any queen..
Devil is our king..marrying him makes you the Queen of night world..
Swara : I didn’t agree for this… He forcefully married me !
Well…what can you expect from devil..!
Swara : that true,,,what’s your name ??
Name…?maybe Luke..yes Luke parker..
Swara forwards her hand saying ” s

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