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swasan best 5 ff analysis

guys i am giving analysis of the best swasan ff you all must read if you don’t read it than read atleast one time for me i know there are many but according to me 5 i will give which are best from others and i will give description about thaat just read it

1) swasan ff the entangled love- this is best ff the way she is taking story is very realstic, she is really amazing writer in writing story biggest thing is that she update 2 episode per day this is very good just read ones, he way she expresses emotion is amazing and she also nicely showed family bonding is amazing


2) swaragini fixing broken relation is it pure or impure- this story has amazing concept very different and uniqye many not reading story they feel that it is matured but guys for this reason if you stoped reading than you are doing big mistake it has amazing concept, and just read its episode you will get to know about story or he told that he will give summary of story may be today so just read that story and the way he expresses emotion is amazing and it revolves around real life of girl who is craving for love with her husband and takes sleeping pills to decrease her pain, where ragini is model who wants to become popular, and this story shows black world of rich people

3) kuch is tarah is also amazing story and no words for it you well know about meher si but amazing part is that she realy showed nice bonding between mother and son

4) swasas ff mr. mahehswari and i this story completed 50 episode but also amazing till now and you all know very well

5) falling for you is also amazing story it is very entertaining story till now she completed 60 episode biut till now it is very good this story nicely shows

freindship parents love and every thing just read it this is full maza story
guys i know many are good stories but just read this 5 stories alll are amazing

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