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Swasan – Beauty & Beast (Episode 6) (Maha episode)

Im sorry for not giving note and paru next time I give note if I write mature content .in this part sanskar fully character revealed

Swara goes to mandir (house mandir) but she was late and pooja already done so she directly go to kitchen Ap and Urvashi give list of breakfast yupp list and both ordered her that breakfast will be ready at 9
Swara nods and starts her work


Dp ,Ap ,urvashi ,adarsh and Sanskar waiting for breakfast ap busy dp in her talks so that Sanskar and dp not talk (evil mind)
Swara brings all dishes which is shocking for Ap and urvashi ?? dp also surprised to see breakfast he become double happy as after 20 years he will eat fully Indian breakfast Sanskar sees swara with full of love both talking with their eyes but that was disturbed by urvashi ??
Urvashi- swara serve breakfast

Swara happily serve breakfast all eat breakfast and in dessert swara make kaju halwa which also appreciated by all Dp gives diamond set to swara as neg Ap gives her gold jhumka and urvashi unwillingly gives 5thousands rs and Sanskar gives kiss on her cheek???
After that all were busy in their work Ap comes to swara and says from today she is head of kitchen all responsibility of kitchen is belongs to her but she says she wants to prepare snacks for Sanskar that right no one snatch from her swara happily agree
Ap goes to her room and take out janki pic (janki was Sanskar mother)
Ap- janki ?? u snatch dp from me naa now I destroy ur son married life hahaaaa no no married life even full life hahaaa janki u snatched my dp but again life give me chance I got married after ur death now I become Mrs Dp mahashwari ……..

After completes kitchen work she goes to her room she shocked sanky lies on bed and listening music
Swara- ooo my all time free hubby chloo get up I want to clean my room
Sanskar- wowww swaru huhh all time free huhh u know what only u responsible for my condition
Swara- ?? meeee huhh how’s that??
Sanskar- my budhu partner only u make me busy u know naa how with this Sanskar give noughty smile
Swara- ✋✋✋stop it Sanskar this is not a romance time I want to clean this room then I make lunch soo Dont try to start ur noughty idea
Sanskar- swara shella clean our room

Swara- ????? who the hell shell a
Sanskar- ???itna gussa alle mera baby hahaaa swara u look parrot in this expression
Swara- ???? Sanskar
Sanskar- swara shella is ???? kam wali aunty /sweeper /servant whatever u say
Swara turn her face because she know now Sanskar tease her ??

Scene again shifted to Ap room
Ap talks with janki photo- janki u know naa I give some medicine to Sanskar .I know u knew already because without ur permission I Dont give that medicine to Sanskar hmmm haan I give that medicine from 2 years I thought he will die soon but u know what even god wants that he will not die easily that’s,y the medicine reacted him in that way that he live his single life in two personality hahaaaa which he also Dont know hahaaa amazing naaa

Scene shifted to swasan room
Sanskar- swara now Dont think shella ki jawani all that only think about our jawani okkk Chlo let’s start our work
Swara- huhh u have some shame or not bass I say naa I want to clean our room that’s it??? now leave

Sanskar – but y u want to clean our room
Swara- voo vooo blushing hard vooo ragini told me
Sanskar- oooo our sali sahiba says but swara no need to clean we clean tomorrow
Swara- ??????? huhhh I’m going u naaa boring person high
Sanskar- what boring or mee ??
Swara- innocently u always think about romance but u Dont ask how I feel today because its my first day here naa
Sanskar come close and give kiss on her forehead And says now tell how u feel ????today ??? swara beats him playfully and whole room is witness about their laugh

Sooo finally I revealed secret in my story Sanskar play double character like dual personality . in this swara soon face Sanskar beast face she shocked to see Sanskar this side
Frnds thats my last part from now I Don’t continue this story because u r not commenting its very challengingly concept and if u r not liking y I write whoever commented on my story thankuuuu a lot

I don’t know what I’m writing because I’m sad with ur response this was my last chapter that’s y I open sanskar secret
Good bye frnds who ever love my story thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu dil se ???

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