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Swasan – Beauty & Beast (Episode 4)


Kavita goes to room and saw Sanskar was not there she goes to Ap and tell Sanskar was not there Ap shocked with this She angrily goes to Sanskar room and see Sanskar not there and moreover he Dont take medicine I mean snacks
She calls his friends but they tell Sanskar not with them
She Dont know what to do then finally she take car and goes to search Sanskar


Sanskar- I’m Sanskar not ssss Sanskar
Swara- huhh
Sanskar – woww u girls naa impossible when I’m not here u wants me because of sorry and now when I’m here u showing me attitude
Swara-?????? attitude and me no ways Sanakar- now tell me y u slapped me
Swara with herself hmmm shall I tell hmmm no no noooo swara Dont believe someone
Swara- vo aise hii
Sanskar- wahhhh ?????aisi hii what’s nonsense

Swara- I want to stop u because (after 2min pause) because because I want to come in this park
Sanskar-???????? then u give kiss that’s better way to stop me ???
Swara- whats this ??? shameless creature huhh u don’t know how to talk with girls
Sanskar- then teach me ???
Swara- u know what u naaa full irritated person huhh ??? and I’m not interested in ur company ?????and sorry for slap now byee
Sanskar- byeee sooo soon abhi to talk start huii thii
Swara- huhh

Ap sees them she shocked how Sanskar pleads to girl like a cute kid asking to buy chocolate heheee Dont confuse he pleads for friendship ??? not chocolate
Ap smiles evilly and without disturbing them she leaves
Here swara also leaves because of irritation ????
Sanskar- aareeee phn number hi de jaaoooooo swara
Swara – noways ????

1 month later
Swara sat on bed waiting for her husband she feels nervous she Dont know y her eyes searching him then she hear sounds of door opening she clutches her lehanga in shyness because she know what happen next ??
He reached near her and then flowers fall on swara like flower fall ???? or flower raining she opens her arms to feel flower touch then she hears voice from her back side
Thanku for coming in my life swara as swara maheshwari ????
He comes closer and open her dupata he untie her hairs her long hair come fall to her waist he memorize to see her ???

He lean toward her she going back because of nervousness with this she lie on bed and Sanskar come top of her he starts rubbing her milky cheeks he rubs her cheeks with his rough cheek ??
He comes to her neck and starts rubbing his nose in her neck she feels strange feeling in her tummy she wants to stop him but her feel Dont let her do her feels wants more but she remove Sanskar because he is not fully top like side hug top
She ran toward window with breathing heavily he come closer and give back hug she says his name in heavy breath because of closeness
Swara- s s Sanskar

Sanskar- how many times I tell my name is Sanskar not sss Sanskar with this he gives kisses on her neck
Sanskar – in husky tone I want lip kiss swara I’m waiting long for this
With this he makes her turn around and hold her face and he leans toward her lips swara shly pushes him and starts breath heavily
Swara- to herself ohh god I Dont want to stop him but I’m not ready also
Sanskar smiles evilly and starts opening her blouse Dori she breath heavily her blouse almost open Sanskar finally opens blouse Dori and then he opens her blouse zip now her white milky creamy Back clearly visible he lustly see her back she holds her blouse from front so that blouse Dont fall he hold his waist and wants to give kisses on back but his phn rang
He irritated with this swara slightly giggles
Sanskar saw the number and more irritated

Sanskar pic the phn
Sanskar- why r u disturbing
Sahil- oo god Sanskar u know very well what I want
Sanskar- I’m coming wait
Sanskar to swara I’m coming after finish this work after that I want finish this he lust fully saw her from top to bottom while going he gives tight kiss on her cheek and starts licking elbow
Sanskar- u taste soooo yummy I Dont want to leave u I just want I eat u ???
Swara blushes hard
Sanskar- Dont hold this blouse I want to see u full when I will come back I Dont see any obstacle I hope u understand???

While driving Sanskar – I want u swara after that I finished this drama ??

Hiiii frnds I know u all confused like marriage sooo soon and how Ap agree and y Sanskar behaves like this and who is sahil what’s connection between Sanskar ,sahil and swara
Plzzzz notice I write 1 month later sooo I’m going to give u flash back with present hope u like
Well frnds y Dont u commenting ?? and if u Dont like then I stop my story

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