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SWASAN and RAGLAK the match made by family (teaser)

Hai frnds well I am busy how to continuing my story
So here is my teaser
Panditji : DP ji Shekar ji I don’t know how to say
Shekar : is not correct to marry each other
Panditji : no they are made for each other
DP : then what is problem
Panditji : swara should marry before sid uttara marriage
Shekar : what but y
Panditji : it is like that if you do marriage before them it’s not good
All are shocked especially

Swara is crying before two graveyards
Ragini tapped her shoulder swara
Swara is crying continuously
Ragini : don’t cry shona u have to be brave
Swara : rago how can I marry
Ragini : we can see later
Swara : no rago I can’t
Ragini : u have to be at least for swara and varun


If swara is died then who is she?
Who is varun ?
When Ragini knows swara is died then y she is quite ?
So to know truth read my ff

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