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SwaSan and Raglak Is This Our Destiny (Introduction)

This is my first ff so if any mistake please forgive me.Now I am going to start.

Swara:A intelligent 15 years girl.She studies in high secondary school.She loves her family specially her sister Ragini very much.Her best friend is Sanskar.She likes Sanskar very much.
Ragini:A kind-hearted 20 years girl.She is in 3rd year of MBBS.She loves her family very much.Her best friend is Laksh and she loves him but sacred to confess her love.
Laksh:A 22 years playful boy.He is in last year of MBBS.He loves his brother Sanskar and his family very much.


In this FF what will happen to SwaSan friendship in their childhood to a matured and will they love in future or will they become enemies.In Raglak story will Laksh accept Ragini’so love or will he play with her emotions.Will Raglak will marry or they will part there lives.
If you all like this ff then I will continue and if not comments I will stop writing

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