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swasan – a love story of betrayallast episode and author’s note

Hiiiiiiiii shocked na…. yes u all r reading right …. its my last episode … don’t think that I am not continuing it bcoz of comments but I am not continuing it bcoz of exams on my head …. soooooooooooooooo sorry …. and i will also not able to continue with few shots … sorry …. I am feeling like to cry but what to do …. these padhai and all I am juat fed up of that …. u know what child labour is crime in our country but these studies are also like FORCING THE CHILDREN FOR WORK …. but there is a difference between both children are paid in child labour but in studies children are not paid but they had to pay the fees … ok so stop my bak bak ….

So to the writers I am saying that don’t worry I will definitely read all ur ffs but will not able to comment till october sooo soooorrrrryyyyyy .. but what to do ….


Ok so start with my last part …. and guys there will be no dialouges in this part . Just an ending and that’s it .

Past …
Swara confesses his love to sanky but sanky refuses . Swara became angry and after lot of arguments with sanky she leaves angrily in a car . Sanskaar was confused what to do or not .

After an hour .
Sanskaar was thinking about swara whne his phone ranged . Hs picked it up and was shocked to listen the news . Swara met with an accident . He was shocked . His life became upside down. The person who called sanky told him that she met with an accident with another car and she is admitted now admitted in hospital . The person also tells sanky that he got sanky’s no. from swara’s phone . Sanky left for hospital .

At hospital
Sanky reaches there . He was shatterd to see swara’s condition . After seeing swara in this condition he realized that he can’t live without swara . And after so many fights between his heart and mind finally he realized that he loves swara .

After a week…
Swara got discharged from office and now she is fully fine . Sanky confessed his love for swara and also apologised her for the mistake .
That night was the night of SWARA AND SANSKAAR BECOMING SWASAN .. Means they consummate their marriage .

After 3 months
In these three months sanky tried his level best to seprate swasan but faild to do so . Swastika confessed his love to shourya but shourya doesn’t replied to swastika’s confession.

One day swara was serving breakfast when she fainted . Doctor was called. Doc told the family that swara is pregnant . Every family member is shocked plus happy. Shocked bcoz they don’t know about their love conffesion . And happy bcoz swara is giving birth to a new member of family .

Now swara is getting love and care each and every member .

Shourya was fed of all this so he this time planned something big .

{Guys now read this part very clearly bcoz this is the main suspense of the story . This is the main cause of all the misunderstandings between swasan .}

It was night 8 o clock
Shourya called swastika and asked her to come to his faromhouse. Swastika said yes.

Sanlak was at office and rest are at mm.

At farmhouse

Swastika comes there. Swastika thought that shourya had called her for convincing his love but its was not like that . Shourya asked her sit and served her dinner very patiently . Then he gone to a room and called sanky to come to farmhouse as swastika is in problem . He also imforms swara the same .
Sanlak immediately comes. Here sanskaar was shocked to see the scene . Swastika is lying in pool of blood and shourya was having the gun. He was shocked. He goes and to shourya and there was a huge argument between them. In between the arguments shourya gives gun to sanskaar . Juat then swaragini comes and was shocked to see the scenerio . Swastika was lying in pool of blood and this time sanky was having the gun . He goes and slaps sanky. Lucky tries to stop her but goes in vain . Swaragini with the help of lakshya took swastika to hospital and soon the news cane that swastika is dead . Sanskaar had till now not reached the hospital . Swara was very angry and decided to leave kolkata. But ragini stopped her and asked her to go with her . After lot of argument swara got convinced .

Swaragini left from kolkata and when sanky and others got to know about it it was late. Sanskaar got shourya arrested . He tried reaching to swara but failed . He left mm bcoz he can’t live with the memories of swara as each and every corner of mm reminds him of swara and chnaged his sirname to KHANNA

Here swaragini reaches delhi .
For somedays swaragini lived in swara’s frnds house . And after swara’s delivery swara has to leave the house . Swara soon opened a new company and runned her succesful . Now she lived just for her daughter ruhi and her sis ragini .

Present ….
After telling ruhi the whole past and sharing some cute moments swasanru left for mm . There ap denied to accept swara and thrown him out . Sanky took swara and ruhi with him to khanna mansion .

2 week passed
Ap was badly missing swasanru . As in these 6 years she had lived without them now she wanted to live with them. So finally she acceoted swara . Swasan and raglak got married . And this time ruhi tied swasan’s realtion with all the happiness and love and became the witness of their love.

After 2 years .
Swasan got blessed with a baby boy named aditya and lived hapoily fire ever .

So the story ended on a happy note …

So guys I want to say that love doesn’t happen by seening the time or date or year … or by seeing age or face … it is a pure connection of two pure souls with their hearts …

Gusy I am really crying … will miss u all… and will back with another ff in october …. guys I am having so many ideas and will excute one … so bye bye guys … and sooooo sooooory for ending it …. and sorry for so boring part … plz comment as it is last …

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