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swasan – a love story of betrayal episode 39 {swasan reunion special }

Hiii guys I am back na di have decided to write in a simple way as everyone suggested me that …

Lets start
Sanskaar can’t see swara crying so he goes to her and bends on knees . She was sitting on chair . He wipes swara’s tears and says – first stop crying ….
Swara – par tumne mujhe maaf kar diya ???
Sanskaar – first stop crying …..
Swara – ok …… and once again sorry ….
Sanskaar – its ok …. but u have to do a promise with me …
Swara – what ????
Sanskaar – u will never leave me ….
Swara nods yes .
Sanskaar – ok ….. I want one more thing from u …..
Swara – what ????


He forwards his cheecks to swara and points towards his cheecks . {I hope guys u understood .}
Swara {fake anger }- noooooo……
Sanskaar – noooo ok so I will lea….
He was about to complete his sentence when swara gives a peck on his cheecks . Swara blushes . Sanskaar smiles naughtily .
Sanskaar – ok …. I always give return gift …… so ……..
Sanskaar was about to kiss swara when swara pushes sanskaar and he falls on floor and runs brushingly .
Sanskaar {lying on floor scratching hia head in confusion }- what I did ????? I am kissing my wify …. my baby doll …. I have not done a crime .
After saying this he makes a pout . He immediately stands up and searches for swara . He was searching for swara when he sees swara sitting on bed thinking about what just happened . Sanskaar got an idea . He winked . He goes to near the MCB and cuts the connection of the light . The whole mainsion now became a dark mansion . Swara got scared and thought to sanskaar . She was about to come ot from the room when she hears someone sounds .
Swara {frightened voice} – k…..a…..u….n ……….

Suddenly the light got opened . That voice was of none other than sanky . Swara got angry .
Sanskaar in mind – I told the electrician to open thd light after 10 mins but he fool …… I will kill ….. lekin first I have to save myself from swara …..
Swara was giving sanskaar a death glare .
Sanskaar takes a foot back and says – BHAGOOOOO
And he runs ……
Swasan was playing till tom and jerry gane for 19 mins .
The end .

So guys sooooooo sorry for short update but busy with my formatives . Bye bye .

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