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swasan – a love story of betrayal episode 37 {swasan wedding special }

Hiii guys I am back missed me …. I know nahi kiya hoga ….. ok so sorry I was not able to reply to ur comments bcoz of some network issues plus rakshabandhan celebration …

Lets start
Swara’s pov
Today is the most important day of my life …. my marriage … I m getting married to my dreamboy …. I reaches to mm with my papa mummma and of course my most beloved sisters . The mm was beautifully decorated like a bride . I mumma papa abd my sisters comes inside . Dp uncle ap auntie uttra and lakshya welcomed me . Ap auntie I mean mom and uttra took me and ma {sarmishta } into a room . It seems to be a guest room . I gone inside the room and my sisters and uttra helped me to get ready as a bride . Meanwhile ap mom took my maa to look after other preparation . Here I was ready with a red lehenga , mangtika , gold bangles and some other jewellery in my neck and anklets . My sisters and uttra took me down and there I saw guest had arrived and sanskaar was sitting in mandap with pandit ji and waiting for his bride means me . I was very nervous but trying to maintain smile on my face .
Pov ends .


Sanskaar’s pov
She came down . My to be wife swara …. I was very nervous but trying to mantain smile on my face. Uttra and Sister-in – laws made swara sit in mandap . There pandit ji started chanting mantras and here my heart started to beat fast . Then panditji asked uttra to tie our knot . Then we took seven pheres . Then pandit ji asked me fill her hairline and maje her wear mangalsutra . And I had doen the same . Soon marriage were over and we took blessing from elders . Now its time for bidai . As swara was in our home so we decided that she will do bidai from our out house. {it is four or five rooms attached to main house . It is for servants or for guests . } we took swara to out house . There swara done bidai . My in laws and swara was crying . Seeing swara crying my heart was also feeling to cry . Why I also don’t know . Then gadodiyas left and mom took me in the main house and swara done grahpravesh by kicking the kalash . Maa asked uttra to take swara to sanskaar ‘s room .
Pov ends .

Swara ‘s pov
Uttra took me to Sanskaar’s room and she make sit me on bed with a long veil . Then she called sanskaar . After the session on teasing for a while she finally left . Sanskaar comes in and closed the door . My heart started to beat as faster as it could . He comes in and opened my veil . I was blushing hard.
Sanskaar – swara u sleep in the bed and I will sleep on the couch.
I – no …. sanskaar u sleep on bed …. I will sleep on couch …..
After lot of arguments we decided that one day I will sleep on bed and one day he .
Sanskaar – swara …. sorry but our relationship will only be like frnds not more than that .
I nods yes with a sad face .
Pov ends
And finally guys after lot of past FLASHBACK ALSO ENDS .

Ruhi – ur marriage was tooo goood …. I love it ..
Sanky – hmmm right …
Ruhi – vaise what is the date tomorrow. Sanky – 21 august ….
Suddenly both realized something .
Sanskaar / Ruhi – means Swara / mumma birthday …… ??
Ruhi – I have a plan ….
Ruhi tells something in sanky’s ears which will be revealed later .

Next morning
Swara ‘s pov
Today is my birthday . I hope everyone remembers my birthday I mean mumma papa ragini ruhi lakshya and sansk…why I am thinking about sanskaar I don’t care whether he remembered my birthday or not . I came down for bf and saw raglak ruhi sanskaar and uttra busy having their bf. Dp papa and ap ma had till now not returned from business trip . I goes and sits in one of chair beside ruhi and trying to get their attention towards me . But it failed .
Me – what is the date today ???
Lakshya – 21 august bhabhi ..
Me – ok something special today …
Sanskaar – no …..
Pov ends .

Sanskaar pov
Don’t worry my baby doll. Every one remembered ur birthday but I told them about ruhi’s plan . I smiles seeing swara. She was looking too cute today . Wearing a simple light green saree with a light makeup . Wow …… now the time to excute our super duper plan .
Me – someone phone came from ur office ….
Ruhi – yes .

The end.

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