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swasan – a love story of betrayal episode 28

Past ….
Swara – sir I asked u where is sanskaar sir ??
Shourya – he is home …. he is still disturbed by what happened last night …
Swara was about to go to meet sanky when shourya says – where are u going swara ???
Swara – sir I am going to meet sanskaar sir …
Shourya in mind – only sanskaar … sanskaar … sanskaar ….
Shourya – miss swara this ur office hours and how can u leave ur work …
Swara- sorry sir I forgot …
Seeing swara ‘s sad face shourya also got said .
Shourya in Mind – swara I can’t see ur sad face bcoz I love u so much …. but I can’t let u go to bhai … bcoz u r only mine …
Shourya – its ok …. but 1st complete ur work …
Swara nods yes and goes to her cabin . Shourya also angrily goes to his cabin .

In cabin
Shourya enters and angrily sits on chair .
Shourya in mind – only sanskaar sanskaar sanskaar …. if anyone will come in between me and swara I know what to do with him.
Saying this he angrily bands his hand on table that blood starts coming out of his hand .


At evening
Sanskaar was about to go out of the house when ap stops him .
Ap- where are u going beta ???
Sanskaar – I am going out for fresh air.
Ap nods yes . Sanky leaves .
Ap in mind – I will bring a girl in ur life f
who will always care for u understand u and never betray u …. and I have a this type of girl in my mind .

Sanskaar sits in his car and leaves for pub . He goes inside pub and sitd on a chair .
Sanskaar – waiter … give me a drink .
Waiter- yes sir …

After two hours ..
Swara completes her work sits in her scooty and leaves for mm .

Here in pub .
Sanskaar – gi….v….e.. me…. on…e….more….. gl…a*s….
Waiter – but sir u already drinked 25 glasses ….
Sanky {tries to speak }- ok … don’t g..ive …. me …. a glass at…least gi..ve a bottle and … the…n I wi..ll go….
Waiter – but sir ….
Sanskaar {angry} – I …. said….. g…ive ..
Waiter nods yes and gives him a bottle of wine ….
Sanky goes .

At road.
He comes out of pub and was crossing the road as his car was parked on the other aide of road . When he felt dizzy and was about to fall plus a truck was coming from other direction when someone holds him . The person took him to the corner . Sanskaar falls on his knees and sees the person face .
Sanskaar – s…w…a…r…a …
{The person who saved sanky was none other than our swara . }
Swara – sir what are doing here and u r drunk ….
Sanskaar – y….e…s I am…. drunk … but …w…h…y ar..e u… worr…ied … about m..e …. {started crying }- no one cares… for…. me…..
Swara got teary eyes .
Swara – sir don’t worry I am here ….

The end .

Sorry if u felt that this is short n bori g but what to do I am busy with my maths project .

1. How will swara take sanky to mm???

2. About which girl ap is talking about ???

Keep guessing n keep commenting ….

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