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swasan -a love story of betrayal episode 22

Hiii guys I am back …
Lets start
Swara – u r so cheap … u r urself a mother and doing this …. ??
Sushmita – mam plz listen to me once … ??
Swara – sry … now I can’t listen u … ??
Just then aakarsh comes .
Aakarsh – mam adi sir is calling u in room no . 58 . (Guys it is hotel … it os a hotel which now closed … no one comes here .)
Swara nods yes and goes with aakarsh . Just then sanky comes .
Sanky – where is my swara ??? ??
Sushmita – plz listen to me once .. ??
Sanky – I don’t want to listen to u … u r so cheap … ??
Sanky was about to go when sushmiata says – Room no. 58 … swara mam is in room no. 58 … plz go and save her … ??
Sanky – thank u … but where is ruuu ?????
Sushmita – she is in a room just beside room no. 58 . ??
Sanky – ok come with me … ??
Sanky and sushmita leaves to room no. 58 .

Here in room no. 58
Adi pins swara to the wall and about to kiss her when his phone rings . It is from raj . No network was coming so he goes out of the hotel to talk . Meanwhile sanskaar comes and hugs swara .
Sanskaar – are u ok ??? ??
Swara – I am fine but whrere is ruhi … ??
Sanky – don’t worry I am going to rescue her till then u go with sushmita and sit in my car . ??
Swara – sushmita … ??
Sanky – don’t worry she oy helped me to reach till here … (to sushmita ) can u tell me where is ruhi kept ?????
Sushmita nods yes and points towards a room .
Sanky – ok … take swara with u … ??
Sanky goes in search of ruhi . Here in adi’s side . Police comes with raj .
Raj – arrest him…. he is only aditya … ??
Adi – why are u arresting me dad ?????
Raj slaps adi .
A fb Is shown .
Sanky calls raj and tells him all what adi had done .
Raj- I have given him the last warning then also …. ok I have a plan … I will call adi to come out of hotel and their I will arrest him … till then u rescue swara and ruhi from adi’s men . Bcoz they are very loyal and honest to adi . So if adi get arrested then also they will not free ruhi n swara… ??
Sanskaar- ok …. ??
And cuts the call .


Fb ends .

Raj- u betrayed me … go away from my eyes … ??
Police takes adi with him .(adi chapter close now anniya u can kill him?? .)

Here in sanskaar’s side .
Sanskaar goes to the place told by sushmita . He was calling ruhi’s name but no response . Some goons come and started to beat him . But our sanskaar defeated them all (sry guys bit I don’t want to add fighting scenes .)
It was a dark place so he can’t see anything . (Guys u can think it as the kitchen of the hotel and it is now a dirty n dark place bcoz it was closed since many years. ) suddenly he sees rays of light coming from a hole . He sees a girl sitting on the chair . He goes near her and the girl was none other than ruhi. Her legs and hand were tied to the chair through a rope . she was lying unconcious . Suddenly he sees some water kept in a jug . He sprinkles the water on ruhi’s face . She gains consciousness . Sanky got teary eyes . He freed ruhi from the ropes . Ruhi is sitll in half unconcious state .
Ruhi – p…. a…. pa…. papa …. ??
Sanky qas hell shocked by listening papa from her mouth . Ruhi again fell unconcious .
Sanskaar picks ruhi and take her to his car .Sanskaar comes to his car .
Sanky in mind – I think I should not tell swara what just ruhi said . ??
Swara comes out and takes ruhi from sanky and cries . She kisses her all over the face .
Swasan reaches mm .

At night
Swara slept due to stress . So sanky took ruhi to his room . Sanky cares his hairs and kisses on her forehead . Suddenly ruhi woke up .
Sanky – ruhi … ruhi … are u ok …???? ??
Ruhi nods yes .
Sanky – Tell me one thing why u called me papa …??
Ruhi – when ??? ??
Sanky – when I rescued u from goons .??
Ruhi – goons ??? ??
Sanky understood that ruhi was unconsious so she doesn’t know anything. So sanky tells ruhi that how she was kidnapped sanky saved her and how she called him papa.
Ruhi in mind – should I tell him that I know that he is my dad ??????
Sanky – now tell me why u called me papa ????.??
Ruhi – wo…. wo … (in mind ) I think so I shoukd tell him.??
Just then a voice came from behind .
Voice – yes she knows that u r her papa.??
Sanky was shocked to listen this .
Sanky – what ?????
Voice – yes ….. ??
Sanky – but who told u ruhi beta ?????
Voice – me only … ??
(Yes the voice is of uttra .)
Sanky – but why … ??
Uttra – bcoz I want her to tell bhabhi the whole truth . ??
Sanky hugs uttra .
Sanky – thanks uttu … thank u so much … ??
Uttra breaks hug .
Uttra – nk need to thanks bhai … ??
Ruhi – papa … now I want to listen past from u … not from uttra bua … she doesn’t narrate me past very well … u only can narrate me past very well . ??

The end .

So ,
Past – will sanky get engaged to tara ???
Present – will swara forgive sanky bcoz he saved her and her daughter from adi ???

Keep guessing keep commenting ..

Bye bye …

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