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Swasan _ does love need perfection ? Episode 23

Hello friends sinin here with the next part of DLNP. Hope you all like it. But but but… Why the comments are again reducing. Please all readers do comment. And thank you for comments on the last part.

Morning 4 am
Swara was still in the position leaning against the door, but she is sleeping. Sanskar opens the door and saw her sitting on the floor.
He kneels down and cups her face. Tear marks are the proof that she cried the whole night.
Sanskar (monologue) I’m sorry swara….this is the last time I’m hurting you.. But please don’t be stubborn.. Agree for the last time.

Swara slowly opens her eyes sensing the touch of her love. As soon as she woke up sanskar stood up and went from there ignoring her. Swara to ran behind him. She was very happy that he didn’t do anything wrong.

Sanskar : ram Singh ! Prepare the car..
Swara became puzzled. Sanskar went inside his room and started to bring out his stuffs from cupboard.
Swara : sanskar…are you going somewhere?
Sanskar : I’m going on a business tour.. Don’t know when will return. If you want I will sent you to Sonagora.
Swara became totally shocked and tried to stop him.
Swara : sanskar please…don’t go..I know your angry with me but please forgive me..how will I stay without you..
Sanskar jerks her hand
Sanskar : if you can lie to me, if you can doubt me then you can also stay without me..
Sanskar turns back. Swara sits on the floor with thud.
Swara : please mat jao…how will I stay without you.. Please don’t leave me..I leave my family that’s why I didn’t want you to bear the same pain.. I wanted to became educated and perfect for you so that they accept me..whatever I did was just for you…please don’t leave me…
She keeps crying. Sanskar closed his eyes in guilt.
He turns and make her stand up.
Sanskar : you’ll do whatever I say…
Swara : yes..I’ll do whatever you say…
Sanskar : then leave your education…
Swara : its over and bi just have exam…
Sanskar : don’t attend it !
Swara : what !
Sanskar : yes..if you love me and then don’t attend it..
Swara : but…
Sanskar : no if and but…decision is yours..
He holds her by shoulder
Sanskar : I don’t want to go swara please stop me…
Swara recalls all her moments with her friends.. Their teaching and specially Joy…
She nods in yes.
Sanskar hugs her happily
He brings her on the balcony.
Sanskar : do the last things for my satisfaction..
He brings her notes and ID card
Sanskar : throw all this !
Swara looks at him in helplessness
Sanskar : swara..!
Swara throws all the notes in the air. All this flies and falls on garden and other place,the new sun brings darkness again in her life.. Kamla and Suraj saw this from their window in helplessness.
Sniff was to inside his doghouse and looks the scenery.
Swara looks at her notes on ground. She feels her dream in tear into pieces and can’t be gathered again.
Sanskar makes her face him. He cups her face and removes her tear. He signs her not to cry and kissed her forehead.
Swara hugged him tightly. Sanskar became amuse and hugs her back. Sanskar feels his shirt is becoming wet… But he didn’t stop cause crying will help to remove the pain which he have given her.

Sanskar says while careressing her hair…” We will go and inform Mr mitral about your decision.”
Swara (monologue) : what will answer joy…how will I face all..I have broke their trust.. They had so many expectations from me…sanskar…your love costs me a lot…

At pathshala
All are sitting together and talking about swara.
Shravan : when will Swara didi come ?
Siya : yes…its so late..
Piya : I want to know her love story with the business tycoon.
Uncle : what will happen vto our J ?
All looks sad and worried. All knows that joy loves swara.
Joy and nandu were sitting far from them.
Nandu : everything is fine..but why her husband bought another Lady as his wife… And who was kavita if swara is Mrs Maheshwari ?
Joy : im having a negative feeling.. Maybe he is hiding something from shona..maybe name and fame issue..

Shravan : shona di…
Joy looks at the direction.. And saw his shona coming… No she is Swara sanskar Maheshwari with her husband..

Guys I know this is too small but if I got good response only then I Will post the next post..that you’ll open your eyes in morning and see my ff that too a long chappy….so all please comment.

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