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Swasan _ does love need perfection ? Episode 20

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Swara entered and found joy wandering around. All came near her.
Shravan : see na shona di..joy sir has became mad in tension.
Swara : shravu…joy what happened ?
Joy : I’m ruined… Nothing is complete..
Swara : joy..
Joy : decoration is incomplete…
Swara : Mr mitral….


Joy : food is not ready…and..
Swara : oyeee lafanga shut up..
Joy sit down and starts chewing his nails.
Swara : siya piya you guide the workers in decoration I think orange and yellow combination will look nice…shravan and uncle assist aunties to cook food…
Joy : and me..
Swara : sit and chew your nails
Joy again starts chewing his nails .
Swara : nandu you come with me..
All : okk shona…

All went in respective works.
Joy : now what should I do…my nails are finished. He ran to swara
Works are going on full swing… All are very exicited.
Swara was doing something and her phone rang it was ragini.., joy received the phone the hold it on her ear.
Swara : ragini how are you ?
Ragini : I’m fine bhabi…
Swara : laksh called me and said you both will come to Kolkata.
Ragini : yes…bhabi….and today is a really big day for you na…
Swara : you and laksh supported me very much,thank you
Ragini : com on…bhabi carry on..
Swara was very happy talking with her. She finds a sister figure in her.
Joy : shona…

Swara : joy.,please no time for joke….
Joy : only one…
Swara : don’t you want to talk any longer….
He keeps quite and admires her work…he is doing this since one month.
Nandini sees this and smiles.
Swara : by the way who is the person..
Joy : Mr.,..
Shravan : foods are ready…
Siya : decoration too…

Nandini : he is here…shona be ready.
Shona was about to go but joy keeps a his hand on her head
Joy : be careful… Don’t do any mistake.. You have to keep my name.,.if he says ultasidha slap on face….vijayi bhava..
Swara keeps her hand on her hips and gives a your impossible look.
Swajoy went to receive the guest while others admire their bonding.

Sanskar point if view
This Swara is not receiving my call…she has became careless and stubborn day by day…can anyone believe she ordered me to bring ice cream for her…and I bought it like a obedient husband that too late night ! But it was fun sharing ice cream and listing her childhood stories resting my head on her lap. She become more naughty after laksh came..yes he came to know about our marriage as kavita said everything. He was shocked and then said to reveal everything but I gave him my swear and said I love her a lot and kavita is just saving my image…laksh said to tell her everything.. But I was damm scared cause if she leave me I will be…just don’t know the worst… Its just three hours I saw her and called ten times…I have to go to visit a NGO… Its a popular one… They have invited me with my wife…and I have to take kavita though she was busy with randhir… She managed time. Its just one or two hours.

The car stopped and I just felt as I heard the musical rhythm of laugh which I heard first time in Sonagora… And it was of swara…which I didn’t heard many days in Kolkata… But how shge can be here…impossible.
Kavita : what happened.. Hurry up na…

Yes..yes..I got down and gave her a hand. The media people were already present there…we both posed for pictures. And went towards the entrance.

Guys done…let me tell you next episode sanskar will come to know about education and joy…. To get the next chappy earlier… All have to comment.
Guys don’t think cavity is very good friend as I have not showed her POV fully.?????

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