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Hii, i know that after reading this episodic analysis Swaragini lovers might love to bang my head against the wall but honestly speaking after watching 24th august’s episode i just couldn’t stop myself from writing this.

To be honest today’s episode proved it that swaragini’s writers are out of stories now a days. Why is it that every single villain in Swaragini wants the Maheshwari Mansion. Is there some antic gold or silver which will make out a lot of money. I mean how many times are the Maheshwari family supposed to stay outside there house.

Well ya Adarsh Maheshwari’s change of nature was really shocking and the fact which he spoke was quite right that he was the one standing by Mr. Durga Prasad’s side when Sanskar acted to be dead and Laksh went mad for Swara. But even then at last the topic comes back to the same thing. ‘YE GHAR AABH HAMARA HAI’. It seems like a tug of war going on between the villains and the goody goody ones from the Maheshwari family. Well lets see now what new plans come up on our Heroes SWARAGINI & SANLAK. O ya and lastly i do hate the fact that Mrs Sharmishtha is having a baby named chotu because whenever i give it a thought i just found an image of ‘Chotu’ playing with Swaragini’s children which is quite absurd.

So i just shared my POV and would like my frnds to comment and share there thoughts too about this new track coming up on SWARAGINI.

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