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Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 14

Episode 14

Twiraj and Mehbeer convo
“Abeer we should get going, cause I’m not feeling well.” Said Meher, while having an uneasy feeling. “Bye, guys.” Twiraj said leaving as well as Mehbeer.


Only Ragsan were left, but they didn’t notice it, cause they were having a long and passionate eyelook that lasts forever. The manager came, they composed themselfs and he said that Twiraj and Mehbeer already left. So Ragsan went to their favourite place: the beach of Goa.

Note all couples live in Goa.

Ragsan scene
“How are we going to tell our parents, that we are dating since a month.” A confused Sanskar asked his lovely girlfriend. “We will tell them after we cracked the very important business deal, when we organise a party for it.” Ragini answered Sanky’s question. “Good, idea!” “Till then we behave like we always do.” “Yes, my dear we are going to surprise everyone, except our pranksters Swalak.” “Yeah, that stupid manager had to tell everyone that we are a couple.” Calm down my beautiful lady.” Sanky said while he splashed her with water. “My Sansku darling you’re gone.” While Rags was saying that Sanky ran for his life, like someone’s going to eat him alive at this moment, Ragini was really fast, when she caught him she splashed him with her waterbottle and said: “Tit for tat.” “We should go home, tomorrow we will work on our project for the deal.” “Yes, my mr. Idiot.”

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