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swaragini what is my fault? 3 shot-part 2

I’m the author of swaragini unbelievable story.

I’m here with a new 3 short.
It’s a story that touched my heart.
Part1 – http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-fault-3-shot-part-1/


mother and daughter relationship is shown in this story. The whole story is in daughters point of view.
please excuse me If I sound dumb, illogical and little philosophical. (most people don’t like that). I come into category of people who
dump blindly without judging the things coming from heart.
I really do encourage controversies regarding the sentences which I had written. Please Excuse me for grammatical errors which I had

Mom- Swara.
Daughter- Ragini.

please do read the part 1 before reading part 2.

part 2:

I’m 13 yrs old.(beginning of teenage)
we reunited with my dad and started living happily.
(Authors note : people think that teenage is a phase where people experience changes in them like attraction towards other cross genders.
There will be a lot more changes in them like they will get the ability to understand the situations and capacity to mold themselves
under any situation. Actual personality will be developed in this phase.)
This yrs went away adjusting with the new schooling environment. My bonding with my dad too grew but hatred towards him didn’t vanish I
just masked it looking at my moms love towards him. I thought everything was fine between mom and dad.

I’m 14 yrs old.

This is yrs where I got the full idea about the past happenings.
This came in front of me when my teacher asked me about my fathers job. Everyone in the class spoke about their dad’s work.
I’m such a dumb person till then I never knew about what my dad does. That day changed my life. From that I ask every single info about my dad. Sometimes my mom refuses but upon my pressure she used to answer me. I think even she felt that I got age to know everything about
him. She thought I will hate him if she explains me before, but she never knew I hated him without knowing the reason behind his actions
as I only know what ever he did to her was bad.
About him who made my moms life hell:

He is very bad at studies so he choose business as his aim. My grandpa used to say he never concentrated in studies always had went into
bad friendship. He used to do anything for his friends( who are name sake friends who always use for their own benefits). He used to do
anything for his relatives but not for his own family members. His true colors are displayed only in-front of his family members. Relatives
thought that family members are fools want him to change even though he is a gem.
(Authors note : never judge a person only by his social behavior).
All the frustrations , he will release mostly on my mom. He used her as thing to release all his frustrations.
For business he kept my moms jewelry in gold loan and got money. He lost in every business he did. So he used to take loans from others
and do anything to get money. Whenever he gets money he didn’t have a habit of saving it. He never thought of future plans. He just thinks that if today went away properly, I had nothing to do tomorrow as it will also go well. He never plans tomorrow.
His loans reached a level that lenders started putting pressure on him. He always escapes from them by lying to them.
(Authors Note: One lie can make a mans life hell. To make up-to that lie he need to keep on adding more lies. This progression of lies never end. This leads to unwanted pressure. This pressure effect peace of mind and keep on effecting mental balance).
The pressure inside him grew and he started acting abnormal and started releasing it on mom. When he is suffering for his deeds why should
we suffer? Mom is the one who gave her everything whenever he money.
He also made my grandpa suffer. My grandpa also warned him that he is going out of path by writing a letter. he never cared about his
fathers words too.
So my grandpa sent us away from him.

In this phase I got the idea about the financial situation of our family and started adjusting to them.

I’m 15 yrs old.
I was busy with my board exam preparation and least involved in family matters.
My mom made me realize how important role does studies play in our lives. She motivated me in every aspect.
My result was not appropriate.
She decided to send me to hostel for 11th and 12th. So that I can put my full focus on my studies.

precap: My hostel life. Me missing my mom. Devils new avtar in my absence.

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