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swaragini what is my fault? 3 shot-part 1

I’m the author of swaragini unbelievable story.

I’m here with a new 3 shot.
It’s a story that touched my heart.


mother and daughter relationship is shown in this story. The whole story is in daughters point of view.

Mom- Swara.
Daughter- Ragini.

I’m 2 yrs old.
We are living in a small house which doesn’t have many facilities. I don’t know why but I remember the time I spent with my mom but not with my dad.
My mom used do all the work at home and my grand mom used to just command her and sit idle.
I observed that a maid in my neighbors house does all the work.
Something clicked in my mind and I went and dragged my mom to the hall and questioned my grandmom that why mom should do all the work is
she a maid? To my childish question my mom got tears in her eyes and my grandmoms attitude changed from then.

I’m 3 yrs old.
Now I can recollect some memory regarding my father at that age. I always used to pampered by mom and dad. We used to play cricket together.
I always loved to play with them. My mom was preparing for master of sciences exams. I was a bookworm from beginning even though there is no
homework I used sit with my book and always interested to learn new thing. when ever my used to do time-pass I used hold a scale in my hand
and remind her that she need to study and if she won’t study she will get beatings from me acting like a teacher( I was big dramebazz you can by this statement).
when ever I acted that way she used to kiss me and start studying.

I’m 5 yrs old.
I made my parent proud by winning first prize in drawing and dancing competition. My moms happiness was out of world. I think it as my first
achievement, it’s not because I got my first award but because I made my mom proud. I got a best gift from my mom it’s my little brother. I thought everything going smooth in our happy family.

I’m 6 yrs old.
One night I woke up and saw my little bro sleeping beside me and my mom was missing.
I heard some noices coming from a room. I went there and slightly moved the door and the scene which saw is unforgettable one. My dad was
beating my mom very badly. Due to the beating her dress got torn. she was pleading and crying. I didn’t have courage to get inside and
so I stood there crying. Then I saw my dad coming towards me I ran to my place and slept by covering me full with blanket so that he can
not notice me awake.

That incident didn’t repeat again but still whenever I woke up at night I used to keep an eye on my mom.

I’m 8 yrs old.
My mom used to read a stories for me in english. Mostly I loved mythological stories, My grandpa used to read them for me in my mother tongue.
I observed that my mom was crying since 2 days. she didn’t allow me to go to school. Even I started crying along with my mom without
knowing the reason when I asked her she never replied me.
After 2 days that morning I saw my dad very much bruised all over his body and walking with the help of walking stick. My grandfather is
the best person on the earth. He understood the situation and sent us away from our dad.

I’m 9 yrs old.
Its a new place for us but we made ourselves comfortable very soon. My mama(moms brother)
came to stay with us that time as a support to my mom.
My grandpa used to visit us regularly. My mom stated doing job as a teacher in which me, my bro were studying.
It’s the age when I started reading story books on my own. I was very much addicted to them that I never take a break till I complete them.
My dad never visited us but talked to me in phone that to very rarely.

I’m 10 yrs old.
My attachment grew with my grandpa. He is my best friend and I love him the most. My dream was to become like him. He was a lecturer in
commerse one day a question arised in my mind that my grandpa is so sweet, kind person with full of patience where as his son(my dad)
is totally opposite to him.(Grandpa mentioned in above paragraphs is my dad’s father). He always scolds my dad for his deeds and treated my
mom as his own daughter as he didn’t have daughters only 3 sons. So he used to love my mom and me more than anyone.

I’m 11 yrs old.
Unexpected visit of my father. bad luck knocked our door. My Mama went to my grandmothers house(moms mothers house).He bet my mom again.
This time I was helpness even though I had capability to stop him because he closed the locked me in a room. He bet my mom because she had
brought us away from him.

I’m 12 yrs old.
My dad used to call us frequently and also visited us. We observed that he started spending time with us. One day he begged for forgiveness
for his deeds my mom forgived him.

I’m 13 yrs old.
we reunited with my dad and started living happily.

precap : U will get the reason behind the past happenings. Teen phase of daughter and her bond with her mom.

comment if u liked it. Next part will be updated soon.

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