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Swaragini The Soul Sisters (Promo 1)


Link: Chapter 34


Promo 1
Wedding Preparations.
** First promo by me. Guys I’m inexperienced here. Hence this promo won’t be good.
The style is some part of my story is there with a voice over (VO)**

RagLak and SwaSan’s marriage is fixed. All are happy except Lavanya.

Voice Over:
Ho rahi hai ek naye rishte ki shuruaat….
(AP is shown doing RagLak’s aarti…. )
Kya Lavanya ke iraado ke aage ho payeegi Ragini aur Laksh ki shaadi!!!
(Lavanya is shown getting furious after seeing RagLak together. She is shown changing the oil in the diya)
It ends with Lavanya saying: Mein Ragini aur Laksh ko ek nahi hone doongi.

Don’t kill me please. It’s horrible I know. Forgive me This time. Please…
Also you can give me your suggestions and comment about this promo. I’m following the way a promo comes for the serial.

Since few suggetsed now I’m giving options for karan’s character.
1) Arjun Bijlani( shikhar of MATSH)
2) Ravjeet Singh (chirag of MATSH)

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