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(swaragini ) swasan – a love story of betrayal episode 24

The boy who called tara came from window through climbing pipes .
Tara – mohit darling … why had u called me … ??
(Yes guys the phone was from a boy named mohit …)
Mohit – u na I am missing u … but what is ur plan… how can u get engaged with a boy whom you never loved .. ??
Tara – ohho … u na I always loved u .. and this the plan so that we can become . ??
Mphit – but how … ??
Tara – first I will marrry that dumb sanky then after 1 to 2 weeks I will break the marriage(means divorce ) and then according to law I will get 25 percent share in his property (I don’t know whether this type of law excist or not but this is an ff . ) then I will marry u my jaan … ??
Mohit – wow what a plan … my jaan love u … ??
Tara – love u too … ok now go if anyone will see u they will get furious ….??
Mohit leaves .

As soon as video finishes tara gets a tight slap from sanky .
Sanky- how can u betray me ???? ??
Tara – this is fake video ??????
Again he feels a tight slap this is from ap .
Dp – tara we thought u as our own daughter then also u chiii … gaurds .. gaurds …. ??
Gaurds comes .
Dp (to gaurds) – throw her out of mm …??
gaurds was about to drag tara when sanky interrupts – leave her hand … u all will not do this with my tara . How can u throw her out of house??? She is my life .. how can I hate her ??
Tara smiles.
Sanky continues -oops correction she WAS my life … I don’t hate her …. I hate myself for loving this type of girl .. I have only the right to throw her out of my house …. ??
Sanky drags tara and throw him out of the house . (Anniya congratulations tara ‘s chapter close . Aaj kush toh bohot hogi tum.??)


He runs to his room . Swara got teary eyes and runs after him .
She knocks the door . But all goes in vain . Ap also comes and seeing the whole scenario from a distance . She also gets teary eyes .
Ap in mind – she is so good … vo hamari kuch nahi lagti phir bhi she helped us .. I am proud of her .. ??

Here swara is continously banging the door . Ap comes to her .
Ap – don’t worry beta … he will be fine till morning .. u go to ur house … ??
Swara – but ….. ??
Ap – I m here to take care of him u go .. ??
Swara nods yes n leaves .
Fb ends and my episode too .

The end .

Guys again sry for chotu update but I was busy reading all parts of another ff.
1 . Present – will swara forgive sanky bcoz he saved her and her daughter from adi ???

2 . Will sanky ask something from swara in return of saving ruhi swara from adi ????

Keep guessing n keep commenting ..
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