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Swaragini – Royal Love teaser

Hello friend !! ?☺??☺ how are you all…we missed you all very much…our exams are finished at last… Like a tragedy… Now we are back with a track full of love and revenge… Now here is a teaser from me.. Sarah will post the next episode by night.

Scene 1
A messenger have come form mahismati. He handover a letter to pratap and he reads loudly
“Dear durgaprasad
I have an proposal for you… Mahismati wants to change the friendship between two kingdoms by the pious relationship of marriage. I want my elder son Sanskar to marry your daughter swara and Laksh to marry Ragini…..
Pratap looks at king he looks at Annapurna she was a little confused but agrees….
She looks at her both side Swaragini… They blushes and goes from there…
Pratap : announce in All kingdom the Royal wedding of Swaragini…
Swara runs and reaches her room.
” I’m waiting for u kuwar ji ”
Ragini lands on the bed and talks with the portrait of Laksh ” come soo lakshraj ….im waiting to be yours…


Scene 2
Laksh hugs sanskar…he looks very happy.
Laksh: finally dadabhai you have forgive and admitted that you love swara…now we both will mary and get our love..
Sanskar: yes laksh….

Scene 3
Sanskar is talking with the anklet of swara.
“Pari…dont worry its just the beginning…thank god i got the letter of swara..now it will be a wedding ….an epic wedding which swara will remember all her life…its a chakravew swara…and your trapped!

Guyz we returned after soo many days..if you like it then do comment.

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  1. I am extremely happy that u guys are back thanks for writing such a gd story.cant wait for next episode

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