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swaragini: love story (OS)

Guys this is an OS and u can imagine your favorite couple in it I didn’t mentioned any name I hope u will like it….

They didn’t know each other both may be living in the same city but in different areas…. But the boy family shifted nearer to girl’s area in 2009 due to financial crisis.. but boy and his brother starts a business of net café which is now a very famous and well-built café of the area providing all the internet facilities…. Boy in early days didn’t work much rather his brother do all the works… but both the boy and girl didn’t come to know about each other for many yrs… finally their talk started in 2012 it is infact a co incidence.. girls sister goes to boy’s cfy for printing and their boy’s one frnd recognize the girl’s sister as his old school fellow… boy asked his frnd that this girl has any sister?? Frnd told him that ya she is having small sister… soo then from their the boy msged the girl on Facebook… there talk started first from poking each other… boy’s frnd is also the frnd of the girl…


Finally one day boy msg the girl… with the passing months their frndship goes stronger… and they became best frnd..

Boy have a girl frnd and he told about her to his best frnd… she supports him and he told her about everything about his gf… but his gf is little crack type and she also starts talking with his best frnd and starts inquiring about that who gave number first rather a boy or a girl…. But after few months the have to go out of station for inter collegiate competition for debate soo she told about this too the boy… and when she left for the competition which is actually in a clg which located nearer to the air base due to which there is a big problem of network signals… girl goes out for a walk with frnds and teacher their the boy msg her and said that will she become her gf?? He said that he is just kidding and only for one day he want her to be her gf… the girl agreed and they start talking but she already told him about the signal problem… the girl talking with him because she thought that he is doing only for fun but late at night boy told her that he seriously wanted her to become her bf and he love her soo much…the girl become numb after reading his msg and said what r u talking?? U already have a gf then what is this??

Boy: noo I broke up with her and I will tell u about all when u reply me I’ll wait for ur answer..

Girl: tomorrow morning I have to go and I’ll answer u in the morning…

Morning girl goes for the competition of her frnds….later after returning she told him that she also likes him…

Boy said: u know I like u from the very first day when we start talking but at the same time I make gf soo I’ll confuse about my decision but with the passage of time I came to know that my gf only wants to rule mee and she always gave me mental torture…

Girl knows about his gf very well and she also knows about the boy because he was her best frnd first later they became bf and gf..

Girl goes for 5 days.. when she returns the boy came to meet her and hug her very tightly… and goes from their they start talking with each other…


Boy always says that he is very lucky to have her in his life… he told her about her past that he is having a gf few yrs back but his one frnd ditched him and brainwashed the girl against him… he also have a bad habbit of betting on matches… the boy told the girl about his complete past… he said that he don’t want to hide anything from her.. because he loved her soo much…

Girl also told him about her past and said that she is not interested in using net etc.. when she was 17 she made an id on fb and there is one boy become her frnd he always blackmail her… emotionally and said to snd him her pics.. he is a very powerful man and the girl didn’t know about anything she do not have courage to fight back she got scared and start sending him her pics… the bad boy always demand for meeting but due to some reasons every time the girl got saved from his clutches and didn’t meet him because the bad boy lived in another city… when she told the boy about the bad boy…. The boy said that u just change your number and switch off your previous number he will not be able to do anything… the girl do which the boy told her and like this the chapter of bad boy closed….

It is only the starting of their love story.. boy loves her very much he didn’t demand anything from her he is very caring and supportive… but with the passage of time in one side their love increase but in other side boy got busy in his business because his brother who once runs the business is now become lazy and always in the gathering of bad frnds and his brother always tries to insult the boy infront of the family and the frnds.. his few frnds support him but other always tease him… the boy and girl meet only at girls house.. boy seriously wanted to do marriage with the girll that’s why he don’t reply to others rubbish because he wants to show them after he got married with the girl… nobody knows about their relation in their families… the both wanted to get married but the problem is that boy is from other caste this problem may be ignored but boy also didn’t got much education which is the big problem because girl’s family is well educated and girl’s sister’s husband’s are also well qualified… they both don’t know what is written in their destiny.. Whether they will married or not.. but girl’s always prays to God to fulfill all the wishes of the boy….

Girl sometime starts fighting with the boy for not giving her time but she is having a full trust on him but due to loneliness she got frustrated and starts fighting with her but the boy always says sorry to her even if he is not wrong because he loves her soo much and trying his best to complete is education for the girl to provide her better future… both are trying and praying from God to show them the right path and their families will except them……

Guys it’s a true story of my frnd and i just hope for the best that they will get married with the blessing of God and soon their families will except this relation after knowing please with comment bless them and prays for them that they will get what they want… and doo tell me that u like this true story or not?? Thankuu 

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