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SwaRagini ( Kismat Connection) Episode 9

Episode 9

The episode starts with Sanskar coming back him home.

“Arre, Sanskar. You came in half and hour but you told me that you will be coming one hour Or two. Then why early?” AP asks.

“ Nothing maa, I went to Swapnil’s house to borrow the notes and if I would have come late then you would have been worried, so I told you that I will come and hour back.” He replies.

“ Oh okay. You seems happy?” She asks.

“ Wo maa, I got a new friend today. She is very kind and calls me bhaiyya.”

“ Okay” AP replies.

“ So I promised that I will meet her tommorow shall I go?” He asks AP.

“ Oh, surely you can. Don’t ask…“ AP with a smile.

“ Thank you mom!”


Sanskar reaches the park. He waits for Swara and then sees her running and coming.

“ Sanskar bhaiyya!” She says while huffing.

“ Swara, you will call me Sanskar only. Not Sanskar bhaiyya. Okay?“ Sanskar tells.

“ But bhaiyya…..“ Sanskar interrupted her,

“ No ifs or buts…just call me Sanskar”

“ Okay,if you say so Sanskar.

Then they both talks and bid bye..

Precap- Sorry,not decided yet…

Many of you told me not to make Swara call Sanskar as bhaiyya. So I changed it.Sorry for short update. TU takes a lot of time to upload a FF.

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