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Swaragini – heroines and fans (Part 1)

This is my first story…  Actually true story of mine!
Its a story of two heroines and their fans!

A set in mumbai
Director:Call Swara and Ragini..  Their shoot came
Boy: Ok sir
After sometimes,
Boy: They are nowhere to be seen…  I have searched in whole set
Director : This two girls… They are like this everytime they vanish from set… Where are they now… Oh god!


At kfc in mumbai,
Girl 1 : Arey yaar…  Come lets take a selfie we will post in instagram..!
Girl 2 : Swara tum bhi na.. U checked the comments on our last photo?
Swara: Ragini… yah,  i have checked..  I felt so happy.. After reading the comments! I also read abusive comments…  They were talking like they are our managers ? as if they know us since our birth…
Ragini: Swara,  you are right…  I used to ignore them…  U know those abuse and bash my co actors using my name are not my fans!
Swara: same here sweetheart!
Phone rings

Swara: laksh calling… Oh my god may be director shaab is searching for us… Come lets go… .
Ragini: come babes
(swara and ragini are actress… Who are best buddies… They playing lead in serial called Do behena! They have huge fan following
Swara :20year old girl… Who is maintaining her shows and studies together. Love her family and friends.
Ragini : 24 year old girl.. She is graduate in b.tech and doing the show. Love her family and friends)
Mean while in xyz School
Girl 1: sahyi, u know m hardcore fan of ragini… I had made a fan page in fb for ragini…  Last night i made so many edit of ragini…  I like the way she talk, her bonding with co stars… Etc.  I feel proud being her fan!
Sahyi: Riza,  i know that…  But please dont talk about… U know na.. I dont like ragini… In fact m swara’s fan…   Even I also made fan page for swara.. .. And u dont like swara…  Remember last week what happened.. We ended up in fight while talking about this topic..  Haa lets concentrate in class
(riza and sahyi are classmates.. They are friends for 10 years…  They are best buddies. Riza and sahyi are die hard fan of ragini and swara. They have their own fan page for swara and ragini)
Nowadays they end up in fights while talking about Swara and Ragini…
They have time for watching ‘do behena’ .. They take stands for respective favorites.. They spend most of the time in fb and twitter.. Still they have good bond with family and friends!

Days and months passed,
Swara and ragini achieved so many awards and nominated for awards
But case was different in riza and sahyi, they got blind in their favorites love.. They started abusing and bashing opp actress and the distance between them got wide. They were busy in taking stands for their favorites! They had so many social friends… But they started ignoring the ‘real friends’ ..! Their anger and ego overpowered them!  They didnt take stands for their friendship. They didnt felt sorry for ruining their friendship.. For their favorites love!
Years passed,
Swara and Ragini got next project! They are working in different projects! Their love for each other didn’t got less.. It only got glorified..!
Case was totally different in riza and sahyi…  Their likes and dislikes got changed. Their favorites actresses got changed..they started liking both actresses. They became mature! They felt every bad for ignoring their friends! They felt guilty for insulting their friends…  But their ego played big role.. They were thinking let other person take initiative for maintaining their friendship!they forgived but they couldn’t forget the ‘words’  they used against each other..
Now actually who had loss the actresses or fans?…,
Its a true story…  I just added some spices in this story!
Actually its mine and my cousin’s story… We were hardcore fan of miley jab hum tum..  Which was telecasted during my tenth…  That time i was hardcore fan of mohit and my cousin was hardcore fan of arjun… We used to end up in fight while talking about our favorites.. But we never abused/bashed each other…
Years passed…  I became hardcore fan of arjun.. That doesn’t mean i hate mohit… But i dint watch even a single episode of sarojani… Even my cousin’s like got changed… She became hardcore fan of Vivian… I dont ve regret for bring fan of mohit… But i used to have guilt for fighting unnecessarily!
Hope u like it… 
If u dint like ignore it

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