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swaragini ~ HEAL MY WOUNDS (epi 13)

hiii guyz I m back with my ff love u all n thank u solo much for commenting n thnkx to silent reader also tysmm for ur support ? keep reading now sstart…

Episode 13


recap:sanlakuttu movmnts n gadodia at Kolkata

The episode start with swarag resting

SWA:woow lado our new room is so beautiful na

rags:yeah shona its just like we want na

SWA:hann rags finally our new life started

rags:yes now its new beginning n….

intrupt by sound

kaka:beta come have lunch ur baba is calling


@dining table

swarag come and sit

rags:woow its smell so delicious who made this


SWA:woow baba we have chef

dadu laughs n says : shona this is made by chef but not ours it’s ur dad order from restaurant

rags:oooo soo hotel chef made this but I don’t care who made this I love it n I m hungry soon let me eat( startd eating childishly)

all laughs at her antics

SWA:bhukr aram say whatss…… before she complt rags made her eat the food

SWA while eating: itsss yummmmyyy

n swarags startss eating like foodies

shek: shona lado from ttomrw u r joing collage

swarag stops eating n looks at shek: baba today we came n tmrw colg that’s not fair we did not meet anybody yet

shek: tmrw new session is start n ur ssweetie did ur admission there n ur all stuffs is ready n I m not behind this

SWA:but baba we did not meet him n he already do our admission

rags:baba call him n tell all of them to come

shek: beta listen they will come tmre after ur collg n sanlak will directly reach here from colg

swarag: what??? did they study at our collg

shek: don’t knw dp did not tell me that

swarag: uffuuu baba

shomi: stop n eat ur lunch then help me in setting ok

swarag: ok maa (sad)

after finishing they all do work of house setting

scene shift to MM

@sanlak room

utt: Bhai how bad frnds u both are

sanlak: what we have done now

uttara put her hands on her waist

uttu: u both did not go to recieve them

sank: ooo my princess they himself don’t allow us to rrecieve them

uttu: ohh BTW Bhai what do u think how they look nnow first tell me about swara

sanlak: swaraaaa

sanskar: i think now she will b compltely diffrnt from childhood

laksh: nop she will b sssame as childhood a fighter n naughties person

sanskar:nooo I think ragini will b like this not swara

laksh: nop Bhai ragini will b sweet n little bit naughty she will b traditional n swara must b modern

sank: nooo lucky swara will b sweet n traditional n that ragini will b rude arrogent n modern types

laksh: nno ways

sank: yes


utt: shutt uppp I just said u to think not to argue huhhh u both are unbelievable

sanlak look at each other n than utta trio laughs

utta: Bhai let’s plan something for their welcom han what say

sanlak: but what???

utta: i will tell

n trio disscuss somthing n hi-fis

@night at swarag room

rags: tmrw is our first day at collage i m sooo nervous

swa: even me too ragu but exitd do

rags(tnsd): what if they do ragging

swa: dnt fear when swara is here n winks

rags glare n than both laughs

rags: ok now sleep she kisses shona n says gn love u

swa: lov u too n gn n kisses her too n both dozed off while hugging each other

to b continud…..

precap: face off n fight off ????? guess guess

guyz who will fight any guesses :p

guyzz sorry for short n boring i m not well thats y i post it short but nxt will b fun keep commnting n reading n till thwn love u tc

fizo ?

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