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SWARAGINI (DIL KI DOR) (promo cum spoiler) (4)

Hello guys , so as I promised , here’s the promo for my ff but before that a sad news , guys i am gonna go on a break from 22 August till 22 September because of my exams , i am in 9th class so can’t take risk na so this may be by last update before going on that break , really sorry for that..
Coming to another thing , as my ff’s 50th episode is soon coming so i have a surprise for all of you , it is somewhat similar to my 25th episode surprise but different , so we’ll move to it after the promo so lets begin.

Ragini comes to rajmata ‘s room in the night and sees her sleeping peacefully , a smile clinbs up her lips .she goes near Rajmata and remembers her words , How she wished to have her Second Princess.
She switches off the on lights on the room and leaves out running.

Ragini is seen sitting in her room caressing the same picture of twins that rajmata showed her years ago , she has tears in her eyes as she says , “ Dadisa , i know how much you miss my sister but no , i won’t let you miss her more , he has bore a lot , you have bore a lot , may I need to do anything but i will make you meet her , anyhow…

In morning , Ragini is boarding a bus while someone is seen running to catch up behind her .
Ragini sits in the bus and so does that person.
After some time , a few men come towards Ragini who is sitting in the bus and eye her while she stares at them suspiciously.
A scream is heard.

Swara is crying in her room while Raj who is standing near her too has moist eyes , “ how Ragini would be , Raj I am really tensed , she is in problem there and I can’t even help her , if something happens to her….”
Raj stops her from speaking further and hugs her , “ nohing would happen to her Swara , don’t worry , i know , she is my sister , nothing can happen to her…”
Swara hugs him more tightly.
What has happened to Ragini??? Why was she sitting in a bus??? Who was following her??? Why is Swara crying?? Where is Sanskar??? Will Ragini be successful in finding her second princess???

Spoiler: Raj’s love confession….

Alright enough questions for a month to pass , now let me come to my surprise…
So guys , i would be having a “WHICH CHARACTER OF MY FF DO YOU RESEMBLE WITH..???” quiz in which your answers will tell me as to which character of my ff do you resemble with and for that you all need to pick up any 5 characters from my ff , it means that you need to vote for any 2 characters from my ff whom you think you resemble with , it isn’t important that they need to be our main leads , anyone from smallest characters to the main leads it completely your choice.
On the last day , i would announce the selected characters and then a quiz will take place on the 50th episode, you all just need to answer a few questions according to which i’ll tell you as to which character of my ff do you resemble with , voting for your characters will be starting from today’s post till 48th post and only 2 characters you all can vote for and only once.
If anything isn’t clear then do ask.
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Guys i have started a new ff with one of my friends Shloka on the site , well it is on swaragini , if possible then please check it out:
Love you all…
Be Happy…

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