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Swaragini Analysis (request to the readers)

A small request to all swaragini fans keep quiet please. How can you all chatter so much???
Some fans will bash Helly some will Tejaswi. I hope you all will keep quiet after reading this analysis.
Why don’t you all cooperate and watch the serial peacefully? Helly and Tejaswi don’t fight like you all do. It’s better to be friends.

Now coming up to the FANFICTIONs…
The One’s who write ff’s there’s a kind request….
Some of the ff writers, actually famous ff writers like Meher, Anjali, Eva, etc…. I didn’t mention others sorry. But don’t think this message isn’t for you all.


You all are too much? Don’t you think??.. Really? You all wait for others to read & comment on ur ff’s why don’t you all comment on their FF’s?
I know their FF’s aren’t good as urs but still that’s called courtesy. I know u all must be busy. But all the time u aren’t right? Can’t u all take out some time and do this?? As I am a SwaSan fan I’m putting only those ff writers name..

It’s a kind request for the readers, if ever you find that they read ur story & didn’t comment then don’t u dare comment on their ff. Anjali when ever I look onto ur ff at least 100 comments are there? Isn’t it??… Then why don’t you comment for others ?? Hmm?…..

From now on If they don’t comment u all too don’t comment in their FF’s. Let’s see how will these people react??
Why don’t you comment??

Do comment guys. How much does it cost? Only 1mb may be or less than that?
I hope you guys look into the matter
Thank you.

Credit to: Anonymous

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