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Swaragini-A love so pure can never be explained (ch-31)

Hii guys this is prateeksha back with another chapter. Hope u like it too. I would like to thank spp, nikky gupta, varsha sis, priya akka, soujanya, vaikha ,anu, sriya sis, lol, nitu, megha 123, roshni sis, ammu, alia, so_ni, lovely, anjali, kumu, ammu, sanya, dharani, sanchami sis for their valuable comments. Your comments are my strength and they mean a lot to me. So keep commenting. I’ve replied individually to each and every comment, please do take a look of it. I would like to thank my silent readers too. So guys love u all a lot and here goes the next chapter…

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Chapter 30


Recap : Raglak misunderstanding cleared. Laksh confession
Swasanrag are shocked to hear laksh confession while laksh stood still hugging ragini. Ragini doesn’t know how toreact and stood still. Suddenly laksh comes to reality and regrets doing it.
Lak (mumbled himself ) : shit lucky what have you done?
San : lucky what did you do ? she is our friend and how could you think of her like that? U really disappointed me laksh. I never expected this from u.
Laksh stood there feeling ashamed while ragini still stood numb not knowing how to react.
Swa : haan, so what’s wrong in that?

Everyone turned their heads shockingly towards swara.
San : shona , are u out of ur mind ?
Swa : what do u mean by that ?
San : he proposed our laado and here ur saying as if it’s not a big deal.
Swa : I react so bcoz it’s definitely not a big deal. What is ur problem with our lucky ? what if he love her ?
Sanskar looked at her with an unbelievable expression
San : but shona did u forget that she is our friend?
Swa : sanky , what is ur problem actually ? everytime u behave so mature in all the situation but when it comes to laado u behave like a six year old .at times u behave as if ur the only person who cares about laado. Ur always overprotective towards her as if she has no one else other than u.

This comes has a strike for both ragsan as they both know the reality and stood speechless while swara continued,
Swa : if lucky loves laado then v should be the most happiest than anyone else because v very well know that no one can ever take good care of our laado as much as lucky. Actually our laado is really lucky to have a life partner like him andi support lucky in this matter no matter what.
Saying so she grabbed laksh’s hand and stood behind him indicating her support for him.
Sanskar doesn’t know what to say as whatever swara said is absolutely right. Someday or other she has to choose a life partner and if it is laksh then she will be very happy throughout her life time.
San : wo shona, u have to think about laado also. What if she doesn’t feel the same toward lucky?
This comes has a strike for both swalak. They felt guilty that for once they didn’t ask about laado’s opinion.
Swa (hesitantly) : sorry laado, I forgot to asl ur opinion. It’s my mistake. Now u say do u like lucky?
Laksh looked at her with expectant eyes. Ragni looked at all without any expression on her face then she somehow gathered courage and said,
Rag : sorry I can’t do this.

Laksh felt like someone stabbed in his heart.
Swa : but y laado don’t u like lucky ? r do u like someoneelse?
Rag : no, I do like lucky but I can’t do this. No one from lucky’s family will accept me.
Lak : so ur afraid of my family? If so then don’t worry I and sanky will take care of it. They r just angry with u as sanky got shot and they blame u for it. But if they get to know that I like you they will definitely accept u. my happiness is their happiness.
Rag : no lucky ur mistaken. I didn’t mean that incident. Actually I can understand their pain very well. they are right in their point of view. There is something else.
Lak : o ur family? Don’t worry I will impress them in a blink of eye that they themselves will force u to accept me.
Saying so laksh lifted his collar while swara patted his back in an encouraging way.
Rag : how could u impress the person who doesn’t even exist?

This comes has a shock for swalak and sanskar felt bad to see ragini in this condition.
Swa : what do u mean by that laado?
Both swalak are shocked to the core while sanskar stood tensed.
Lak : what? But how? U said that u live in a hostel and ur parents are living in another city.
San : it’s all a lie lucky she is an orphan and works part time in a coffee shop for her living.
Swa : sanky u know all about it?
San : s I know it from the start. Laado asked me to keep it a secret as she doesn’t want you to feel sympathy for her.
Swa (shouted) : and so u concealed this big news from us? How could u do this sanky? I never thought that v four r divided like this with each having their own secrets. Today u both proved us that u don’t think the same as v both do.

Rag : shona, let me explain…
Swa : keep quiet RAGINI. I’ve considered u as my sister the moment I met u but today u proved that ur not. How could u think that v won’t understand ur situation? Is our friendship so weak ?
San : shona..
Lak : enough BHAI … don’t say anything .today u both has hurt us a lot. Bhai how could u do this to me? I’m ur brother. Don’t have a little confidence on ur brother ? today u proved that brothers can never become friends. Thanks a lot bhai… thanks a lot..
Sanskar felt like someone is stabbing him constantly with a sharp knife.
Rag : lucky please listen… it is not sanky’s fault.. ‘m the one who asked him to promise to hide thetruth.. I’m the one to b blamed.
Lak : excuse me mam, sorry do I know u? I think I don’t. just now I lost a friend called my laado and I’m in no mood to make friends with a stranger at the moment. I’m sorry .
Saying so he walked off furiously while a crying ragini is shouting behind him saying,

Rag : lucky please forgive ,me… please
But laksh doesn’t listen to anything and furiously walks off.
Here swara was standing without any expression on her face. Suddenly she took her mobile and dialed a number.
Swa(on phone) : naku, it’s me. please don’t come here. My party is over …. haan it’s over… actually I had only one friend now and even he left the place just a moment back… what?.. o my voice getting back?… I now regret that my voice is back … I’ll explain u once I meet u. wait for me in ur house..
Saying so she cuts the call and looks furiously at ragini who is crying vigorously with her head bent down. She didn’t even have a glance at sanskar and started to walk off. Sanskar tried to grab her arm but she furiously shooked it off and walked off.

The screen ends on the furious faces of swalak and painful and broken faces of ragsan.
So guys that’s all for now and another chapter is on the way. Hope u like it too. I know many of u r angry with me that I’m not updating regularly but I’m really sorry that I can’t help it. I’m newly married and I have to concentrate on my career too. This week is really hectic for me that I couldn’t update .so guys please forgive me. k guys thanks for reading.. love u all a lot…bye..take care   

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