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Swaragini-A love so pure can never be explained (ch-30)

Hii guys this is prateeksha back with another chapter. Hope u like it too. I wpould like to thank spp, nikky gupta, varsha sis, priya akka, swasan, megha 123, roshni sis, lovely, divyanshri sis, anjali, ammu, sanya, dharani, sanchami for their valuable comments. Your comments are my strength and they mean a lot to me. So keep commenting. I’ve replied individually to each and every comment, please do take a look of it. I would like to thank my silent readers too. So guys love u all a lot and here goes the next chapter…

Recap: swasan planning for RagVi date. Laksh heartbroken…
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@ The party:
Ragini comes first to the venue wearing a long pink dress with matching accessories which she bought from her savings through her part time job. She looks stunning with her open hair. All are gaping at her wondering about who is the “LUCKY” dance partner for her. She was searching for someone through the party hall.

@ Other side of party:
Swara comes to the venue wearing blue dress that end above her knees ( the one which she wore for her date with sanskar in the serial). As expected no one could take eyes off her. She felt really uncomfortable by it as she never wore these kinds of dresses before or never been noticed by so many people at once. She cursed her mother under her breath for selecting the dress and compelling her to wear it. She immediately went to search ragini so that she could feel free atleast by her company. She dialed ragini’s number but the signal strength is weak.

Sanskar comes wearing a faded blue denim jean and a cool red t-shirt. He is really excited for the party. He meets laksh on the stairs who comes from the opposite side. He is shocked to see laksh wearing an official outfit of white shirt, black pant and red blazer over his shirt. It was like role reversal for both.
San : lucky, what is this?
Lak : what sanky?
San : so ur not coming with me for the party?
Lak : yup I’m coming for the party
San : in this dress? Lucky r u ok? Did u get hurt on ur head? Should v go to the hospital?
Lak : sanky stop it. What’s all this?
San : normal days u would dress very cool but what happened today? Y this sudden change over? If u come like this then which girl would like to dance with u?
Lak : sanky that is the reason I wore this. I’m not in a mood to dance or enjoy with anyone today.
Seeing the pale was of laksh sanskar got worried. He wrapped his arms around laksh shoulder and ask,
San : lucky what happened? Any problem?
Lak : wo sanky..

Before laksh could complete his sentence they heard a shouting of sujatha
Suj :yeh to kya hai?
Both turned towards the direction and finds whole mm gaping at them
Suj : am I dreaming r what? Everyday I used to see u in another way around but what happened today?
San : wo ma v r going for a party.
Dp : ok ur going for a party but what about him ? don’t say me that he is going to office to compensate for ur absence.
Laksh sent deathly glares towards dp
Lak (gritting his teeth) : nahi papa, I’m also going for the same party.
Ap : in this dress?
Suj : so what jiji, our both sons will look good in whatever they wear .
Pari (teasingly): haan today u both r looking very handsome. What is the matter?
San (blushing) : nothing like that bhabhi..
Suj: arey stop teasing my sons.
Lak : k chachi, v r getting late. V have to leave.
Ap : acha beta, take care.
They both took blessings of elders and went for the party.

@the party:
Swara atlast found ragini sitting at a corner of the party hall and walks towards her.
Swa : laado, for how long am I searching for u? what r u doing here ? what happened to ur mobile?
Rag : oops, sorry shona signal strength is weak here that’s y I couldn’t call any of u. now first answer me y u three idiots didn’t pick up my call yesterday. I was trying to say an important matter to u all but u all were so busy to pick up my call.
Swa(in mind): no no she should not say this to me now. I should divert the topic. I have to wait till sanlak arrive otherwise the whole surprise will get spoilt.
Swa : arey leave all that laado. Wow ur dress is looking very beautiful. Where did u buy it from?
Rag : wo. I bought it from a nearby shop and shona I have an important matt…
Swa : haan laado what happened to this sanlak y they still didn’t arrive?
Rag : I don’t know shona. And shona..
Before she could complete her sentence they heard honking of a car. They turned towards the entrance and found sanlak arriving. Both are looking dashing in their own ways. All girls were eyeing at them but they didn’t give a glance to them. Their eyes were struck at their beautiful girls who were looking at them smiling.
Lak (in mind) : god what’s this? How can I forget my love towards my laado? She is looking no less than an angel. No lucky u have to control ur heart . She is someone else’s love
Making up his mind he nervously smiled at swaragini.
San (in mind) : o.m.g is this my shona or a princess who is standing in front of me. what’s happening to me? sanky control what she will think of you?

Immediately a pang of jealousy hit sanskar on seeing everyone at how they are eyeing his princess and got angry at her for wearing such type of clothes.
Swaragini also felt electricity pass through their body seeing sanlak.
San (without acknowledging swara) : hiii laado. U look beautiful in this dress.
Lak (to avoid ragini) : wow shona u look absolutely stunning in this dress.
Swaragini upset that the other doesn’t acknowledge them and nervously said “thanks”
Suddenly someone came and took ragini sayng that viraat is calling her. She excused from them and left the place.
Swara angry at sanskar for ignoring her said to laksh,
Swa : lucky did u get the movie tickets and booked the restaurant?
Lak (painfully) : haan shona i did it.
Swa : now laado is with viraat it’s time for our surprise now. Come let’s go to them. Saying so they all went in search of ragini . all were looking for her while laksh stood froze at his place. Swasan got confused at his reaction and asked what happened. laksh pointed to a direction and they found a boy and girl on the dancing floor. The boy while dancing kissed the girl on her cheeks and the girl blushes. swasan smiles on seeing that,
Swa (teasingly) : lucky ur watching someone romancing so shamelessly. Now close ur mouth else it will drop on the floor.
Lak : shona stop it she is nisha, laado’s close friend in college.
Swa (casually) : so what? That doesn’t mean she shouldn’t romance someone.
Lak : arey pagal, do u know whom she is romancing with?
San : what that has to do with us?
Lak : he is virat. Our laado’s boy friend.
Swasan (unison) : what?
San : how dare he to cheat our laado?
Swa : haan. V shouldn’t leave him.

When they were about to pounce on virat they heard a loud thud. They found lucky punching viraat mercilessly. Swasan watches it but doesn’t control him as they were in same anger as him. Suddenly ragini came out of nowhere and tries to stop laksh but to no avail. Unable to control anymore ragini slapped laksh hard shocking swasanlak. Swasan came towards ragini.
Swa: what is this laado?
San : why did u slap lucky ?
Rag : u r asking me this? I should ask u the question. He was about to kill virat while u both stood watching it.
Swa : laado, have u gone mad? He was cheating on u and ur supporting him?
Rag (confused) : who is cheating on whom?
San : stop it laado v very well know that u and virat love each other.
Rag : who the hell said u so?
Swasan : lucky

Ragini turned towards laksh furiously and asked,
Rag : what’s all these lucky?
Lak : that I have to ask u laado. Sterday I saw him proposing u and u accepting it and today he is romancing with another girl that too with ur close friend and ur supporting him.
Swa : haan. Here v r planning a surprise date for u both and ur so called boyfriend is romancing with ur close friend.
Ragvisha(ragini, viraat and nisha) understood everything.
Nisha : laado u explain them everything. I’ll take virat to hospital
Rag : I’m really sorry nisha for whatever happened.
Nisha : it’s k laado v can understand their point of view. K I’ll leave now.
Saying so she grabbed virat by shoulders and walked out, while swasanlak stood confused. Ragini apologized to the crowd for all the mess and ask them to continue with the party. She grabbed swasanlak out of the party hall.
San : for god’s sake, I demand an explanation.
Rag : actually it’s all a big misunderstanding. I and virat never loved each other v were just good friends.
Lak : what? Then what about the proposal and all that.
Rag : wait I’ll complete my explanation. It’s virat and nisha(radhika madan) who are in love with each other from the start . They are actually childhood sweethearts. But there is a misunderstanding between them and virat approached me for my help to unite them. That’s the reason he always tried to flirt with me that too infront of nisha to make her jealous. The proposal one is a part of our plan
Laksh get remainded of all the incidents when he first asked nisha about where is ragini and she saying that she is been with viraat and even the proposal which was witnessed first by nisha before his arrival and he leaving the place immediately without seeing anymore.

Flashback :
After laksh the left place nisha walks towards ragvi and gives a tight slap to viraat and says “I love you” to him.both ragvi revealed their plan to nisha and she apologizes both for misunderstanding
Flashback ends…

Rag : I think this is all a misunderstanding because of this monkey.
When ragsanlak was about to scold laksh, he immediately hugs ragini tightly and says “I LOVE YOU LAADO. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH”
Ragsanlak are shocked hearing this.
The screen ends on shocked faces of ragsanlak and emotional face of laksh.

Precap : A crack in their beautiful friendship

So guys that’s for today. I think this is the longest chapter I have ever written. Hope u liked it. K guys thanks for reading. Love u all a lot…. Bye..Take care..   

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