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Swaragini 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Swara apologizing to Sanskar for cutting her wrist to get in the hospital. Sanskar forgives her and says he loves her very much as she cares about her relation. Swara thanks and hugs him. She recalls Sumi finding a baby in the temple and says that baby might be her babu. She insists to find that lady constable. Sanskar says he will go there in the morning. Lady beggar and Nurse talk to each other. Lady beggar says Swara shall not find anything about her brother. Nurse says if Swara comes to know about her Dadi, then she will not spare her. Sumi looks at the toys. Dadi asks what she is doing. Sumi says these are Swara’s toys. I thought that my babu will play with them, gets emotional and sad. Dadi asks her not to be sad. Sumi says she is thinking to open balwadi for kids and even


talked to Swara and Sanskar. Dadi says good, and says I am always with you. Sumi thanks her.

Sujata tells that Sanskar is bringing Swara home. Laksh drinks juice. Ragini sees her pic stuck on the glass and pushes the glass shocking everyone. Rakht Charitra plays………..Annapurna asks what happened..Ragini? Sujata asks why did you break the glass. Ragini says there was a housefly in the glass, and says sorry Laksh, I couldn’t let you drink it. Laksh says I didn’t know that my Jhansi ki rani is afraid of housefly. Sujata says she was afraid that you will become housefly and laughs. She asks Servant to pick the glass pieces. Ragini says I will pick it. Laksh asks Annapurna to serve him food as he needs to go. Ragini picks some glass pieces and goes to kitchen. She asks Servant to clean the remaining glass pieces in hall. She takes out her torn pic stuck on the glass bottom and burns it. She asks Servant from where she took the glass. Servant says she took it from shelve. Ragini thinks who is the blackmailer.

Sanskar comes back to Swara. He tells that he is also hopeful just like her and says the police left baby to this orphanage. Swara is hopeful. Blackmailer is watching Ragini on CCTV and calls her. He asks her to look at the dal as it is burning. Ragini is shocked. He asks her to give 5 lakhs rupees now itself. Ragini says from where to get it. Blackmailer says I want it now itself. Ragini sees Laksh talking to someone and saying that he is sending cheques. Ragini looks at the cheques. Laksh asks why you are lost? Ragini gives him tea. She tells him that it is hot, and switches on the fan. All the cheques fall down. Ragini picks the cheques. Laksh says I will also help you. Ragini gets one cheque and tells Laksh that she will go. She feels apologetic and thinks please forgive me. Rakht Charitra plays…………..

Sanskar and Swara come to the orphanage. They meet the warden and introduces themselves. She tells that Police have brought some baby boy here, and says he is my brother. Warden checks and says yes. Swara says I want to meet him. Warden refuses to let her meet him. Swara says me and my family have suffered a lot. Warden says you can’t meet him as the baby is adopted by someone in the morning. Swara asks her to give the details of the family who have adopted the baby. Warden refuses to give details. Swara says that baby have family and home. Sanskar requests her. Warden says okay. Swara tells Sanskar that if we do police enquiry then we will find the baby. Sanskar says but first lets talk to Maa and Baba. Swara says yes, and says we shall talk to Dadi first who has done this. She calls Dadi and says I am coming to Baadi to meet you. Dadi asks if everything is alright. Swara says whatever you have done, even enemies don’t do. Dadi asks what do you mean? Swara says I need answer this time.

Swara asks Dadi, where is Maa? You sent her outside. She says I won’t let you play game now. Later Ragini slaps Swara when she returns home shocking everyone. Ragini drops the money in the trash bin as instructed by the blackmailer. She is about to see his face, but just then she is made to fall down by the blackmailer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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