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Swaragini 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dadi telling Swara that she went to temple, but didn’t go to Chandika mata temple. Swara says how did you know? I didn’t tell mum that I saw you there. Dadi says today I am going there, makes an excuse and ends call. Swara thinks to find the truth from nurse. Ragini gets a call from a private number. She picks the call. A man tells her that he knows that she had killed Parineeta and he has proofs. He says you will do as I say from now onwards. Rakht Charitra plays…………..She sees someone going through her window. Just then Laksh comes and pats on her shoulder. Ragini sees his hooded jacket and mistaken him to be blackmailer. She asks why you are doing this? Laksh says I am your Pati Parmeshwar….Ragini says I got scared just as you came. He says oh I got successful to

scare you. She smiles. Laksh asks her to keep smiling always. Ragini asks him to give reason of smile always. Laksh goes. Ragini thinks who is the blackmailer?

Swara thinks about Sulekha asking for her help. She thinks what to do and looks at the knife. Sujata are having pakodas with family and says it is very tasty. Annapurna asks Utara to give tea. Just then they hear Swara’s scream. Ragini runs to kitchen and sees Swara with injured wrist. Sanskar ties cloth on her hand. Annapurna says we shall take her to hospital. Sanskar asks how did you get this wound. Swara makes an excuse and faints. Everyone panic and say that they shall take care to hospital. Laksh says he will take car out. Ragini says I will also come. Just then she gets message from blackmailer, asking her not to go with Swara. She tells Sanskar that she will stay at home and asks Swara to take care.

Ragini calls Sanskar and asks him to take care of Swara. Sanskar asks Doctor to treat his Swara. Doctor assures him. He gets Sujata’s call and goes. Swara is made to rest on bed. She feels bad and thinks this is the only way to stay in the hospital for a day, then only I can find out about nurse. Later in the night, Swara wakes up in the night and goes out. Sanskar wakes up and sees her missing on bed. He knocks on the washroom and asks are you there? Swara searches for that nurse in the hospital. Sanskar is searching Swara. Swara comes to the maternity ward and sees nurse. She tells that she is searching nurse here. Nurse asks about her name. Swara says I don’t remember her name. Just then Swara sees Nurse going out and giving a baby to a woman, just like she gave baby to Dadi. Swara tells her that she wants to talk to her and shows the video in which she recorded her crime. She asks her to tell the truth and asks why you are meeting my Dadi. What you are hiding from us.

Nurse recalls Dadi telling that nobody should know this. She says it was Dadi’s mistake. She tells Dadi gave money to her as she don’t want that baby. Swara says that baby was dead. Nurse says your dadi wanted to get rid of that baby. Swara asks if that baby was alive. Nurse says no. Swara asks her to say truth. Nurse tells her that baby was alive and your Dadi asked me to take baby somewhere far. Swara asks where is baby now? Nurse asks her to give mobile and pushes her. Sanskar holds her and threatens to call Police. Nurse tells her that she does what Dr. Mehta asks her to do. Swara says do you want us to free you and Dr. Mehta. You have ruined many babies life, not only my brother. Nurse hits on Swara’s wound and runs away. Sanskar asks her to come, and says police will find her. Swara informs him that she has hurt her to know the truth. Sanskar says why you didn’t tell me before. Swara says you wouldn’t have allow me to come. Sanskar looks on.

Swara calls Dadi and says she is coming to baadi. She says whatever you have done, that even nobody does with that of enemies. She says I need an answer for your actions. Dadi gets tensed. Later Ragini slaps Swara on blackmailer’s order, shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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