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Swaragini 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ragini worrying thinking Swara will doubt her. She finds her mangalsutra in the water and keeps in her bag. She runs back to temple. Someone is keeping an eye on her and clicks her pics. Swara opens her eyes, but couldn’t see Ragini. She wonders where is she? She comes out calling Ragini. Dadi asks Nurse what happened if she came late. Nurse scolds her. Swara sees Nurse talking to Dadi and wonders why she meets nurse frequently. She recalls asking nurse to let her see baby once, but nurse refuses. Ragini comes and keeps her hand on her shoulder. Swara turns and asks where did you go? Ragini says I got Laksh’s call. Swara says you was talking to him since long. Ragini says then I got jeweller’s call asking her to pick her mangalsutra. Swara says okay and turns to see Dadi,


but she is gone. Ragini asks Swara to come home and says Dadi might have come for some purpose.

Nurse takes Dadi to beggar’s house. Dadi says I am not afraid of you. Lady beggar keep knife on her neck and asks her to give money. Dadi gives money. Lady beggar asks her to leave. Nurse smiles. Dadi looks at her injured neck and leaves. Ragini asks Swara to come with her. Swara says I saw Dadi here. Ragini says she must have come here to do puja just like us. Swara is not convinced yet. Same man is keeping eye on Ragini who clicked her pics….

Shekhar gets Durga Prasad’s call inviting them for dinner. Sumi says but….Shekhar says we shall move on. Sumi says okay, but we shall take maa with us. Shekhar says okay. Dadi comes home. Sumi says Durga Prasad invited us for dinner. Dadi hides her neck and tells Sumi that she can’t go and asks them to go. Sumi asks why you are holding pallu like this. Dadi says because of cold. Shekhar asks Sumi to get ready fast. Sumi nods.

Ragini wears her mangalsutra. Laksh comes to room and says maa and papa are coming for dinner, asks her to get ready. Ragini turns to go. Laksh holds her hand and asks where are you? You are ignoring your husband very much and asks her to give him some time if she wants. Ragini says I have to get ready and goes. Sanskar tells Swara that Shekhar and Sumi are coming for dinner. Swara gets happy and says really. Sanskar says you don’t get happy when I take you. Swara says when did you take me? Sanskar says I was about to take you today, but my inlaws ruined my plan. Swara acts to get angry.

Durga Prasad, Annapurna and Sujata greet Sumi and Shekhar. Sumi thanks them for forgiving her daughter Ragini. Sujata says we shall have dinner together and calls Ragini and Swara. Swara and Ragini hug Sumi and Shekhar. Swara asks where is Dadi? Sumi says she got tired so took rest. Everyone have dinner. Sumi asks Adarsh about Parineeta. Ragini is shocked while everyone is silent. Ragini drops spoon shockingly. Sumi asks what happened? Ragini says I will take another spoon. Adarsh says we shall go to hall and sit.

Laksh tells Sumi that they have brought her Calcutta favorite pan. Sanskar says, yes Swara told us. Laksh goes to bring it. Sumi smiles. Laksh brings it and gives to Sumi and Shekhar. Sumi thanks him. Sulekha comes and asks where is Parineeta? Everyone is shocked. Ragini recalls Parineeta falling down in the river and gets tensed….Rakht Charitra plays……….Sujata says she came again. Sulekha comes inside and asks where is Parineeta? Annapurna asks what do you mean? Sulekha says since I gave her divorce papers, she is missing. She says Parineeta said that she will talk to you. Adarsh says she didn’t come or meet me. Annapurna tells that her family is not aware. Sulekha says this is your family, and warns them that if anything happens to Parineeta then she will punish all family members. Ragini looks on. Sujata says we haven’t done anything. Annapurna says where she is, shall be fine. Ragini looks on and recalls Parineeta falling down in the river.

Sulekha tells Swara that Police got Parineeta’s purse near the river. Ragini hears her and thinks she can’t tell anything to Swara, and thinks nobody will believe them. Later Ragini gets her pics with parineeta, sent by the blackmailer and is shocked. Swara asks Ragini, if you went to the same place where Parineeta’s purse is found.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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