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Swaragini 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Swaragini 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


The Episode starts with Parineeta telling Adarsh that entire house is all theirs now. Sulekha comes and says sure. Durga Prasad thanks to Shekhar. Shekhar says we are one family and asks him to come. Sumi tells Annapurna that they will fight together and asks her to come. Dadi sees Maheshwari family coming there with Shekhar, Sumi and their baby. She gets shocked seeing Chotu in Sumi’s hands. Neighbor asks Shekhar about the baby. Shekhar says Doctor couldn’t save him, and says it was a lie. He says my mum used to hurt me everytime and I being stupid think that my mum will not play with me again.

He tells Dadi that he can’t stay with her anymore. Sumi says Shekhar….Shekhar says enough. He tells that she is equally responsible along with Adarsh and Parineeta. He says if you wouldn’t have

lied then Adarsh and Parineeta wouldn’t have done this. He says you are the reason for their doings. He says didn’t you feel any love for your grand child and says he is my son, my own blood. Dadi says whatever I have done is for your betterment. Shekhar asks her to go. Sulekha asks Parineeta to be careful with Maheshwaris, specially Swara. She says Swara will fight back. Parineeta says if she is a naagin then I am the snake charmer. Adarsh looks at family members pic and asks why strangers pics are hanged, and asks her to throw it out. Shekhar tells Maheshwari family that they will shift to Dida’s house. Annapurna says we will stay together here. Shekhar blesses Ragini and Swara and tells Chotu that family is together is because of his sisters. Ragini says one family is broken. Swara says we will unite again and says Swaragini will solve everything.

Sumi apologizes to Annapurna and says we don’t know about everyone’s preference, and says she made food for all. Annapurna says you have done so much for us. Shekhar asks Durga Prasad to come and have food. Ragini and Swara bring tables for Laksh and Sanskar. They sit to have food. Shekhar says lets start food. Just then they hear somebody knocking on the door. Shekhar opens it and finds women organization there. A woman says mahila samithi woman came with her. Shekhar says I didn’t understand. Woman informs him that Parvati Gadodia has filed FIR against him. She calls Parvati. Parvati comes there and looks angrily at Shekhar, not repenting for her actions even for a bit. Woman says this is her house and you can’t kick her out of her house from her own house. She says she will decide who will stay in this house. Dadi cries and acts. She tells Inspector that she is unsafe in the house with her son and says they will burn me. Shekhar asks why she is acting. Inspector asks her to call them if she is in any trouble. Dadi says okay. Inspector leaves with women organization.

Shekhar apologizes to Durga Prasad for Dadi’s doings and says we will not stay here. We will go to Dida’s house. Dadi asks Shekhar to listen to her carefully, and says if you step out of the house then you will have no relation with anyone or any stuff in this house. Shekhar says I have relation with my family and have no connection with anything in the house. They leave the house without having food…Dadi holds Ragini’s hand and says you can stay here. Ragini asks whatever you have done, what about that. She says my real family is that and I will stay wherever they stay. Dadi says lado. Swara and Ragini leave from there with their husbands. Dadi says Lado you are my ansh, I have brought you up, and says one day you will come back to me.

Parineeta comes to Baadi to taunts Swara. Dadi says they have come to insult their respect. Durga Prasad gets an attack and faints. Ragini shouts Papa ji…..Annapurna looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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