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Swaragini 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Adarsh spitting his hatred and anger for the family. Annapurna says we always loved you like we love Laksh and Sanskar. Adarsh says I have snatched my right. Laksh says you always got your rights. Adarsh tells about his insecurities and says I break my relation with you all. He says my parents are dead for me, and I have no family in this world. Annapurna asks Parineeta what she has done? She says my Adarsh is not like this. Parineeta says your son is a nursery child, whom I have spoiled. She says Laksh and Sanskar have always supported their wives in their wrong doings. Swara says Laksh and Sanskar have never supported us in our wrong doings. Parineeta says she knows better and says when I was apologizing to everyone, nobody forgive me as I didn’t lick their feet as you.


shouts Bhabhi….Parineeta says you can’t do anything and asks him to take his family and leave. Annapurna tells Adarsh that they will talk and asks him not to break their family. Adarsh says I am not breaking your family and asks her to go with family. Durga Prasad says how you are talking to your mum? Adarsh says she is not my mum. Parineeta says dialogues are done, and asks them to leave. Parineeta taunts Sumi. Shekhar asks her not to taunt his wife and tells Adarsh that whatever he is today is because of his parents. Sumi tells Parineeta that they are not sending her to jail for kidnapping her son and asks her to be thankful. Durga Prasad is shattered and tells Adarsh that he is badmouthing about his blood.

Adarsh asks him to get out. Laksh holds Durga Prasad’s hand and says we will give answer to you. Adarsh asks how? As this whole properly is on my name now, you can’t do anything. Sanskar says time will tell you. Parineeta asks them to tell dialogues later and asks them to think where they will stay, on street or in shelter home. Shekhar tells Durga Prasad that you people will stay with us, being one family. Swara and Ragini join hands showing their unity. Swara says we are bahus of this house and will not let you snatch our rights so easily. Ragini says we will get it back for Maa, Papa ji and all the family. Swara says Parineeta and Adarsh will be punished for their crimes and says this is Swaragini’s promise.

Sujata cries and asks Annapurna to come. Annapurna recalls Adarsh’s words that his parents are dead for him……Baghban song plays…………………..All the Maheshwari family walk towards the door recalling their happy times…in the house. Parineeta smirks. Swara looks at the house….Adarsh holds Parineeta’s hand and closes the door as they leave. Utara recalls tying Rakhi on his hand.

When they come out of house, see Sulekha coming there. Annapurna asks Sulekha make Parineeta understand and says she can’t break our family. Sulekha asks when your son was about to divorce her, did you make your son understand? No. I had apologized to you and asked you to make Adarsh understand, but you forgot our friendship, and now I am forgetting it. She says you have to suffer.

Shekhar asks Dadi to leave the house as he gets to know about her truth. Later women organization comes there. WO worker tells Shekhar that Parvati have filed FIR against him for throwing her out of the house, and she will decide who will stay in her house and who will not as it is her house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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