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Swaragini 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Annapurna asking Swara to tie mauli to everyone. Sujata asks Utara to serve the good and taunts Ragini, says she don’t want to see her face. Swara stops Ragini and asks her not to be upset as Annapurna brought this mauli for her, even though she is upset with her. Annapurna hears her. Ragini is hopeful. Adarsh is leaving for office and sees Parineeta waiting outside the house.


Ragini asks Swara about her opinion on Parineeta, and asks can we forgive her. Swara says no, we can’t forgive her and asks her not to be pressurize by her. Ragini says I want to tell you something. Annapurna and Sujata hear her and are angry. Adarsh asks how dare you to come here. Parineeta says I am your wife and bahu of this house and reminds him of his duty. Adarsh says I am doing my duty

by keeping evil people away from here. He asks her to get out.

Ragini sees Annapurna standing and says maa. Annapurna asks her not to call her maa, and says you want to bring that Parineeta back home who tried to ruin my home. Swara tries to interfere. Annapurna says you have thrown Parineeta naa, now I will throw her out also. Parineeta asks why he is double standard, and says even Ragini lied to all of you. Adarsh says whatever Ragini did is to save her mum and baby and asks her to get lost. Annapurna holds Ragini’s hand. Ragini cries and asks Annapurna not to throw her out. Durga Prasad, Laksh and Sanskar reach home. Durga Prasad and Laksh ask what you are doing. Sujata says she will not stay here. Laksh is shocked. Durga Prasad asks what happened?

Annapurna says Ragini wants to bring Parineeta back, and then betray us together. Sujata says she is snake under the sleeve. Durga Prasad says I am still alive to take decisions of house and family. He asks Ragini, if Annapurna is saying truth. Sujata says I am saying truth. Durga Prasad asks Ragini, do you really want me to forgive Parineeta. Ragini cries and looks on. Durga Prasad says when we can forgive Laksh and Ragini, then why can’t Parineeta. He says whatever Ragini have done, Laksh was equally responsible. He says even I feel that Parineeta should get a chance. He asks Annapurna to think about Adarsh and says he has a life ahead. Adarsh comes and says no, Papa….Durga Prasad says you have stopped me from talking for first time. Adarsh says I have decided, if that woman returns home then I will leave the house. He asks Durga Prasad to decide, if he want son or daughter in law. Ragini gets shocked and recalls Parineeta blackmailing her with video.

Later Annapurna and Durga Prasad see the house decorated. Laksh, Sujata, Ram and others wish them happy marriage anniversary. Durga Prasad gets greeting card from his children wishing them best. He thanks everyone. Annapurna asks Swara why you have done this. Swara says I haven’t done this. Sujata says Sanskar and Laksh must have done this. Annapurna says then…Laksh says you can’t guess. Annapurna thanks him. Laksh says you should thank Ragini as she has done the arrangements. Annapurna is surprised. Swara says Ragini is not here as you people don’t like to see her, she has done all the arrangements. Sanskar says she asked us not to tell you all. Ram feels bad. Durga Prasad says it is good that she left…and asks him to throw cake. Ram asks him to forgive Ragini, when he can forgave Laksh and Sanskar. Durga Prasad says they are own sons and says we can’t justify with strangers. He asks Swara to throw cake, else he will throw it. He picks the cake and goes out to throw it.

Parineeta’s mum comes to Maheshwari house, where is she? She says if anything happens to her then I will not leave anyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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