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Swaragini 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ragini seeing blackmailer checking property papers. She looks at the side table and ties thread silently. Blackmailer comes out and falls down. Ragini runs to see his fac. She shouts asking him to stop and asks who are you. Blackmailer lifts vase to throw on Ragini. Swara comes just then and hits on his head. Blackmailer shouts and falls down unconscious. Swara asks Ragini to open the lights. Ragini switches on the lights. Swara removes mask from his face and is shocked to see Adarsh. Ragini is also shocked. Rakht Charitra plays…..


Swara says Bhaiyya. Ragini recalls all the incidents. Adarsh gets up as he gains consciousness. Ragini asks why did you do this bhaiyya? You are not only son of the family, but also ego of the family. Adarsh gets up and asks her to shut up.

He says why I shall give answer to you. Swara says we will tell everyone about your truth. Adarsh says then I will make your mum’s fear come true. Ragini says you can’t do anything. Adarsh says I can do anything and blames her for killing Parineeta. Ragini says I didn’t push her. Swara asks why you are doing this. Adarsh asks her not to question him, else he will kill chotu. He says I don’t want to give you explanation, and asks them not to tell his truth to anyone. Just then he turns and see Sujata and Annapurna standing. He gets shocked.

Annapurna asks Adarsh, what happened? Adarsh says nothing. Sujata asks why you are looking pale and asks what happened? Annapurna sees blood coming out from behind his ear and asks how did you get hurt? Sujata also worries and asks him. Adarsh says I had slipped outside. Sujata says you said that you went for meeting. Adarsh says yes, I came back and saw them at home. Swara says I came for Ragini, and asks him to give jacket as blood stain is on it. Adarsh recalls keeping papers in it. Sujata asks him to give jacket. Adarsh removes his jacket and gives to Swara. Annapurna asks Ragini, how are you? Ragini says I am fine now, called Swara as I was feeling unwell. Annapurna asks Adarsh to come and says she will apply ointment. Adarsh says okay. Swara keeps jewellery and Hooghly property papers in the lockers which Adarsh had stolen and kept in his jacket. She tells Annapurna that locker keys was found in room itself. Annapurna thanks God. Sujata says we were tensed during puja and asks Annapurna to keep it safely. Swara and Ragini look at each other.

In the kitchen, Ragini wishes she could tell the truth to Laksh. They see hidden camera. Swara says now Adarsh now that we know his truth. Ragini feels bad and thinks Laksh will be upset. Swara says Chotu is with Adarsh and we shall not tell anyone. Adarsh smirks hearing them from outside the kitchen. He comes inside and says I am Adarsh. He asks if they are planning Swaragini drama on him, and says I have eyes on you, and signs at hidden camera. He asks them to come to his room now itself. He tells them that if they thought him stupid. He says I will do favor on you, will not spy on you. He says if you do any mistake, then you have to forget your brother. Ragini says he is a small kid, how can you harm him. Adarsh says I want my so called father signatures on these papers and shows papers. Ragini says no. He asks do you love your brother or just want to remember him in memories. Swara and Ragini are shocked. Ragini takes the papers. Annapurna calls him. He asks them to take the signatures, picks his glass of milk and goes out.

Durga Prasad talks to Sanskar and tells Laksh and Adarsh that we have to sign on some papers and send him back. Adarsh smiles. Ragini tells Durga Prasad that she will get those papers. Durga Prasad says it is in study. Adarsh smiles. Ragini gets the papers from study and also keeps Adarsh paper inbetween those papers. She gives papers to Durga Prasad. Adarsh gives pen to Ragini. Ragini takes it and given pen to Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad signs on all the papers without reading. Adarsh looks evilly while Ragini is devastated. Laksh takes papers and says I will courier it. Adarsh says I will courier it with other papers. Swara comes and asks Adarsh to stop.

Adarsh brings veiled woman(many be Parineeta) home along with a baby (Chotu). He tells Annapurna that he brought that woman and baby home for their safety. Swara and Ragini look at Chotu. They try to hold him and feel current. Adarsh threatens them that if they try to get the baby then he will die. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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