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Swaragini 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Swara asking Sanskar why did you fight with Laksh, as Ragini slapped me. Sanskar says it is between brothers, don’t interfere. He kisses on her cheeks and thanks her for the tender. Swara asks if it was your new style to thank. Sanskar says yes, and asks why did you asked me to change the bid. A fb is shown, Swara recalls seeing Ragini taking pic of tender quotation. Sanskar says I don’t want to go in this weather. Swara asks him to go and get Parineeta pic published. Ragini awaits for blackmailer’s call. Door bell rings, someone gives bouquet for Durga Prasad. Ragini gets a message asking her to get the bouquet as it is having instructions for her. Ragini runs to get the bouquet, just as Swara is about to pick it. She then gives bouquet to Durga Prasad. Swara looks on.

Ragini talks to blackmailer and says I can’t hurt my family. Blackmailer makes chotu cry….Ragini cries and agrees to do whatever he says. He tells Ragini that he has kept something in the drawer. Ragini is shocked. Later Ragini comes to kitchen. Swara says sweet is ready. Ragini says I will add Elaichi. She adds powder in the hand blender. Swara asks did you grind it. Ragini gives the blender. Swara smells it. Ragini gets worried. Swara says I like its smell and adds that powder in sweets. Ragini is shocked and teary eyes. Swara says lets go and give kheer to everyone. She asks her to come. Ragini feels apologetic and says I am doing this for our brother. Someone is keeping an eye on me 24 hours, else they can harm our chotu.

Ragini brings kheer and gives to everyone. Annapurna, Durga Prasad, Laksh, and Adarsh eats it. Swara serves kheer to Sujata, Ram, Sanskar and Utara. Ragini comes to Swara and gives her kheer. Swara asks her to eat it. Ragini refuses and asks her to eat it. Swara says I thought we have patched up. Sujata asks her to give Ragini’s kheer to her. Swara makes Ragini eat it and hugs her. Ragini goes out of room and spits the kheer. Later in the night, she sees everyone in deep sleep because of the drug. She is apologetic and takes Swara and Sanskar’s pic. She thinks what he is thinking to do, what is going on in his mind. She keeps the pics in envelope and throws from window.

In the morning, everyone wake up. Sujata says I had a deep sleep yesterday night. Sujata sees pics in the newspaper and asks Annapurna to see. Just then some persons comes there and says raas leela of bahu in Maheshwari family. They show Swara’s pics with Sanskar, Laksh and Sahil. They say we will take tender back from you. Swara takes the newspaper. Person says that she will give explanation now. Sanskar says she is my wife. Media persons points finger at Swara’s character and says she had trapped two sons of the house and is involved with third person. Laksh says we were fiance then. Swara says I am very happy with Sanskar. Durga Prasad tells that Swara was saved by Sahil sometime back in an accident. Ram supports Swara. Swara shows the original pic and says these pics are morphed. Durga Prasad refuses to get the tender. The people apologize to him and goes. Sanskar takes newspaper from Swara’s hand and says these are morphed. Sanskar says I will find out. Sujata says Parineeta is behind this. Ragini shouts no…and says I don’t thinks he is behind this.

Ragini asks the blackmailer who is he? She says I can’t do anything more now. Blackmailer turns to show his face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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