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swara u r my everything (two shots) part-2(b)

Part 1
Part 2 (a)

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Part-2(b) last part

Sanskar with the help of his sources came to know about the real culprit which actually the brother of that politician… he also came to know that he kidnapped his family and from last 5 yrs living in his farm house like a house arrest….

Sanskar discuss the matter with D.I.G and he said that his department also have a doubt on the politician brother but due to lack of evidence they failed to arrest him.. and also he planned very well by creating that the politician goes anywhere with his family….

Sanskar with the help of swara and raglak and obviously with the help of police made a plan they trap the politician brother in a false rape case… in which he has gone to hotel and there a lady from police department acts like to be in love with him and he took her in the hotel room but lady creates the scene… due to which the police arrested him and also shows the video of his brother murder… he become scared and spit out the whole truth that how he calls his brother to that road lonely without any gaurds by saying that he kidnapped his daughter and killed him and dumb his body in the area nearby of that place in one grave… police dig out the politician body and also rescue his family…. All thanks raglak and swasan for their support.. like this the role of raglak end here and also the journey of swara’s nightmare but much more is remaining ?

One the sanskar has gone for an important meeting in the nearby city soo while returning his car broke down and he came home fully drenched in rain… swara saw him and become worried after seeing his state because he is continuously sneezing…swara ordered him to change and rest…

Sanskar change the cloths and lay down on bed.. but he don’t know that his this flu and temperature leads him to bear swara’s torture…

Swara came in the room by grabing a glass filled with some sort of liquid….

Swara: sanky get up and and drink this karhaa

Sanky got up and grab the glass but didn’t drink after taking the first sip because it taste horrible…

Sanky: yukkk what is this swara??? It taste horrible

Swara: its karha a herbal remeby and what u think it taste like chocolate syrup??

Sanky: whatever but im not going to drink this… and are u a doctor or some hakeem that u r giving me this herbal remedy…

Swara: sanky don’t argue with me otherwise I have many other ways to make u drink thiss

Sanky: swara don’t u dare to blackmail me with your slap im not drinking this its final.. u plz give me some medd

Swara ignore his talks and grabs his noseee before he can do anything swara made him drink the whole karhaaa…. And pats his cheek and said good boy..

Sanky u is now also in a state of shock came back in senses and said yukkk shonaa I just hate youuuu

Swara: I know u don’t soo stop talking rubbish and sleep by tomorrow u will feel better..

Sanky stares her angrily and lay down in anger by putting the blanket over his face… swra saw him and lay down beside him… and when she lay down sanky grabs her and hugs her tightly and slept… swara start caressing his hair and massaging his head because she knows that he might be feeling headache…

Next morning swara woke up first and checks sanky temp. which is much lower then previous night she lay him down on the pillow and goes to fresh up today she decide to take an off… she is in the kitchen and making soup for sanky and in the mean time sanky woke up and start getting ready for the office..but swara came and saw him getting ready and shouts sanskarrrrrrrrr

Sanky who is putting wrist watch get startled and gave her a confused look

Swara: what is this sanky??

Sanky: what???

Swara: what r u doing??

Sanky: oo I getting ready for office

Swara: and who gave u permission for that??

Sanky: excuse me??

Swara: excused now change the cloths and rest on the bed

Sanky: shona plz not today im getting latee for an imp meeting

Swara: sanky im saying for the last time take rest

Sanky with attitude sad no and starts going outside but stopped and widen his eyes after seeing the scenario… there swara is staning by putting a knife from fruit basket on his neck and signals him to go and change..

Sanky gulps in fear and shonaa please lug jayee gee

Swara: go and change otherwise by saying this kept the knife more nearer to him…

Sanky got scared and runs towards the bathroom and shut the door and take a sign of relief…

Sanky: ooo God she is totally a lady gabber can anyone believe the one who rules the business world is being ruled by his tiny little lady gabbar wifeee…. But I luv my little lady gabbar he smiles but later get afraid after listening to swara…

Swara shouts: sankyy come out r u planning to sleep there??

Sanky: ya cominggg 2 minss he hurriedly changed and goes out and settled down on the bed…. Swara gave him soup to drink first he makes faces but after getting swara death glare he drank all without speaking a word and lay down and slept…

After 2 days sanskar were allowed to go for office… but in these to days swara tortures him by giving soups karha etc.. on which sanky said to swara and he will surely take revenge for all this torture…

Leap of 10 dayss swara took a leaf of 1 week from hospital because she is facing a very hectic routine due to which on the insistence of sanky she take the leave… one day swara is doing work in the kitchen and making dinner while sanky is going to come after few time… sanky entered in the home and he is going to their room suddenly he heard a boom sound from the kitchen.. without wasting any time he runs towards the kitchen… and there he saw and swara is laying near the fridge unconscious while the whole kitchen he scattered.. he saw that the pressure cooker was lying on the floor with the gravy all over the kitchen… he got that the pressure cooker exploded but he immediately runs toward swara and saw her hand is burnt… he took her up and calls the doctor immediately….

Doctor: don’t worry nothing serious her hand burnt just little nothing serious and she fainted due to shock..

Sanky thanks the doc and goes toward swara who is now sleeping

Sanky holds her hand and saw her with teary eyes..

Sanky: swara u don’t know how much I frightened after listening the sound.. please doo don’t this again to mee I have nothing except you… he kissed her hand and said I luv u swara I luv u soooo much I am not having any ability to lose you like my family I may die if anything happened to uu I luvvv uu swara but he shocked after listening something….
I luv u too sankyyy… yess its swara who replied in a feeble voice… sanky saw her with a jerk… who is seeing him with a faint smile and twinkling eyes..

Sanky: what u said now??

Swara: I luv u too sankyy..

Sanaky grabs her and hug her tightlyyy with excitement..

Swara: sankyy plzz let me breath

Sanky: oo sorry shonaaaa but later he realized and gave her a death glare..

Swara who saw his changed expression said what happened sanky??

Sanky: what is this shona? That happened in the kitchen have u any idea how much I got scared…

Swara: relax sanky im fine actually I was making your favorite chollay but I don’t know what happened I went towards fridge in the meantime cooker burst out and due to shock I fainted…

Sanky hugs her again and said now onwards no need to work in the kitchen we have many servants but now u r not going to work in the kitchen and that’s final and no more arguments on thisss…

Swara silently nodes after seeing his anger and hugs him tightly and sleep in his embrace..

One day sanky said to swara to be ready in evening for a party… in evening swara got ready in a beautiful netted red and black sari

Sanky came to pick her up but after travelling 15 mins he stops and blind fold her and stops her to speak any word to which swara nodded like a child…

After more 15 mins sanky stops and took her out from the car..

Sanky unbind her eys and swara saw a garden beautifully decorated with a dinner table in a center… she turns back to saw sanky but he was not there suddenly she heard his voice from behind she turns back and saw he was sitting on his knees

Sanky: shona u r my everything my whole world… my life my love… whole business world scared of mee.. but I only scared of u.. scared of being losing u… I will die if anything happened to uu… I know we met on a very unexpected day.. but we became best frndss… I know we got married on a very unreasonable reason but that was the best decision of my life… I calls u lady gabbar but I love your care… can u please accept me as your soulmate in this birth and the next all births?? Can u please accept my love??? He said all this by showing a ring in his hand..

Swara who is having tears in her eyes nodes in yes and said sankyy u also my everything u make my life colorful… I always crave for lovee due to being orphan but when u came in my life I feel soo happy after seeing ur care for mee I lv u ssoooo much sanky by saying this she stands him and hug him tightly.. to which sanky also respond and hugs her tightly…

They both make wear ring to each other…. And then they kissed each other passionately and later consummated their marriage and become one

Leap of 8 monthss….

Sanky is working in his office he is in a very important meeting…. And the meeting is going on in the board room… suddenly his receptionist came hesitantly in the room..

Sanky: ria what is this I told u not to disturb me then why u came??

Ria: sir actually there is an important call for u

Sanky: put the call on speaker I have no time to talk

Ria: but sirrr??

Sanky: do as I say and he got buzy in reading file and discussion with the clients

Ria unwantedly put the call in speaker and after few second the room listened a scolding sound of lady… to which sanky become horrified and said shonaaa

Swara: how dare u mr tycoon to again tried to ignore me??

Sanky making her calm shona please calm down I will call u later after the meeting im now in the meeting please…

Swara: to hell with u and your meeting I told u I want to eat ice cream tub of my favorite ice cream but what u have done?? U forgot??? I hate you mr tycoon and I will also tell your clients which type of husband u r

Clients who is listening all this with shocked expression because they saw sanskar the ruthless business tycoon frightened first time..

Sanky: shonaaa

Swara: im not your shona got that I want my favourite ice cream now otherwise don’t you dare to come back homeee…

Sanky: okay okay calm downnn im cominggg by saying this he cut the call and take a sign of relief by came in senses after listening a giggling sound then he realized that he is in the meeting

Clients sir I think u have to go to your wife we can conduct that meeting any other time

Sanky: thanku gettlemen and sorry for this…… clients node..

Sanky hurriedly goes toward home by grabing swara’s favorite ice cream but when he entered he got a cushion on his face but before he think something he got 2 more cushions

Sanky: shona plz darlinggg don’t get hyper please..

Swara: go to hell sanky I don’t want to talk to u by saying this she again throw cushion towards him…

Sanky: comes towards her and hugs her from back and said relax my lady gabbar don’t get hyper.. it will affect my baby lady gabbar by saying this he put his hand on her belly

Swara in 7 months pregnant and with the passing months her mood swings increasing and also the torture on sanky…. Sanky many times delayed his meetings his business trips due to his lady gabbar because she can demand anything any time… sanky brought a caretaker for swara but swara always wants sanky…… sanky first get shocked on seeing her mood swings because her mood swings were not normal like other pregnant ladies… sometime she wants to play in snowfall in shimlaa… sometimes she wants to do swimming…

Sanky is now getting settled from her mood swings he came to know one thing and his lady gabbar is different from all that’s why she rules on his heart and life… but he also take revenge by giving her medicine and proper diet and by taking her for a walk which she always denied but sanky is very strict in regarding her health soo he didn’t payed any heed to her tantrums

One day swara wake him up and demand for a movie in the cinema.. for which sanskar have to get opened the cinema through his sources.. hee happily faces her mood swings because she is only one in his life….

Like this the swara’s delivery month has come and now sanskar is doing all his work from home because doctor told him that anytime will swara get labor pain soo he he handling both business and swara very effectively…

But one day sanky pa called him and said that his rivals is going to attack his house with goons.. sanky become scared not for him but for his wife and his child… he goes towards swara room who is sleeping sanky without any noise picks her up and hide her in the room behind the hall and pecks her forehead.. and goes out… but when he came in the hall he saw his rival sahil gupta with 4 to 5 goons..

Sahil: oo u here mr sanskar hw r u by the way??

Sanky with anger : how dare u to come in my house sahil??

Sahil: well coming straight to the point I want that project of 500 crores otherwise get ready for dying..

Sanky: doo whatever want u doo but im not going to give u that project…

Sahil in anger ordered his goons to grabs him… but sanky fight with them but sahil hit him with a rod on his head due to which sanky winces in pain…

Goons grabs him… sahil came towards him and grabs him by his hair due to which sanky screams..

Sahil: mr sanskar I gave u a chance but u denied so get ready for dying but before he do anything his feels an immense pain in his head from back side he turned and saw that swara is standing there with an iron road in her hand

Sanky: shonaaaa

Swara saw sanky and hits the goons with the rod.. goons get terrified after seeing her red eyes… and leave sanky.. swara goes toward sanky and hugs him tightly…

In the meantime sahil got up and points a gun towards swasan..

Sahil: I must say mr sanskar your wife is beautiful even with a baby bump but sorry you will not able to see your child by saying this he shot the gun.. due to which swara scream sankyyyyyyy….

Butt it is not sanky it is sahil who got shot because police came in that moment.. and arrest the goons and sahill…

When all left swasan hugs each other tightly but suddenly swara screams by holding her bump…

Sanky got that she got labor pain soo he hurriedly took her to hospital….

After 2 hrs he listened a baby crying sound and nurse cameout and hand over him his daughter…

Sanky is in tears and kissed her daughter’s forhead and goes toward swara’s room..

Sanky: shona look our daughter..

Swara smiles and take the child from him and kissed her..

Sanky: hugs swara from the side and put hand on child head and said swara u both r my every thing my saying this he kissed both of them on forhead..

Swara: sanky what will we name our daughter??

Sanky: khushii because she camee for completing our lifess.. by saying this he hugs swara…

The endd…

I hope guys u will like it too please doo comment on this also 

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