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swara u r my everything (two shots) part-2(a)

thanku guys for liking it here is the link of previous part: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swara-u-r-everything-two-shots-part-1

guys i know that i told in the title that it is of 2 shots but part 2 is going too long so i decide to divide it into two sub parts part a and part b i hope u will like it tooo


part-2 (a)

Next morning swara woke up first and saw herself in the tight embrace of her husband come best frnd a little smile appeared on her face…. And she starts thinking

Swara’s POV

Hi, im swara gadodia but now swara sanskar meheshwari.. im a doctor by profession a very humble in nature and polite but not in the case of my dear husband…. According to him ppl who call me polite or humble must have to consult to a doctor.. because in case of my dear husband I became a lady gabbar this title is given by my husband but I didn’t bother because for mee his health come first… he always said that im his everything but he don’t know that he is also my everything my lone family.. my lifeee my everything I remember the day when we first met…

Flashback of past in swara’s word:

Im jogging on the road because I always prefer roads for jogging not parks… soo im jogging by putting earphones in my ears suddenly I saw a man far from me is walking but I can easily sense that he is injured and having difficulty in walking but before I can think any further a saw a truck coming towards him but he is not in his senses soo I run towards him and pushed him due to which we both fall down from the hill.. I also got wound on my head and hand due to which I screamed but seeing that man fainted I forgot my pain and tried to wake up him but he didn’t wake I walk up towards the road for seeking any help luckily one taxi driver agreed to help me… so with the help of driver I take him to my house because hospital he far away…. I done his first aid he is wounded badily…. I also gave him painkiller injections… after 8 hrs he got conscious… I asked him about his health he nodded in yes…. I demand his family number but he starts crying and then he told me about their death…I feel pity on seeing his state I gave him injection so that he can take rest… after few hrs he got up and said that he wants to go but I don’t know why I got angry and scold him first he saw me with shocked expression but later he agreed… like dis after few days we became frnds.. a very good frndsss… I also told him about me being orphan he also console me like thiss after few days when he recovered fully he gone but he ask me to come with him but I denied due to my job…

Like this 2 months passed in these 2 months we talked only few times but I really missed him soo much… he also provide justice to his family after getting arrest the culprit I feel soo happy for him… one day I decided to visit in his office to give him a surprise but when he scold the receptionist and said to me to get the hell out of here I become shocked and fumes in anger soo I walked towards his room and open the door with a bang.. he shocked to see me but I slapped him hard 2 times but later he ask sorry and gave mee a biggggggggggg dairy milk choco… after 1 week I saw him in my house in my room for which I shocked after seeing him but he scold mee and ordered me to come with her… I don’t want to go with him because I know my night mares may haunt me in his house and I don’t want to give tnsn to him but he denied and took me to his house… like this 3 months passed and im happy that I didn’t got any nightmare but one day sanky came to know about my night mares and he consoled mee… after one week he have a business party and he requested me to accompany him I go with him but in party some ppl bad mouth about mee and my relation with him soo in anger he announced our marriage first I became shocked but later I became happy somewhere in my heart I don’t know why… but when he said that I don’t take tnsn then a said to him that we will marry… after marriage we starts sleeping by putting the pillow wall between us but one day I got nightmare soo sanky took mee in his embrace like this few time I got nightmare soo he decided to break the pillow wall permanently and we start sleeping in eachother embrace… I know he is very much worried for my night mares but I also don’t know the reason behind thiss but I know one thing is that I start loving him very much he is my everything

Flashback ends….

Swara came out of her thought when sanky calls her in a sleepy tone..

Sanky: shona when u wake up??

Swara: just few minutes before

Sanky kissed her on her forehead and said let’s goo we have to leave for our work…

Swara nodes and got up both left in the same car after having breakfast… sanky drops her in the hospital and goes towards his office.. after reaching office he called his one of the doctor frnd laksh kapoor…

Sanky on call: hi laksh how r u??

Laksh: im fine sanky u tell how r u and swara bhabi??

Sanky: we both r fine dude actually I want to meet u for an important work

Laksh: is everything ok sanky? Any thing serious??

Sanky: ya everything is fine actually I want to talk to u about swara… so tell me when will u free I will come to your hospital…

Laksh: after one hr I will be free u can come after one hr..

Sanky: okay then see u later..byee

Laksh : byee..

After one hr both sanlak is sitting in laksh cabin..

Laksh: ya dude tell me what u want to discuss

Sanky: actually lucky… swara is getting nightmares from last 4 to 5 yrs but she also don’t know what those nightmares are.. but she become soo scared after getting them…

Laksh: sanky I think u have to consult a psychiatrist for this my wife ragini is a well know psychiatrist if u agreed can I fixed your appointment with her??

Sanky: ya dude sure u just tell me when I take swara with me??

Laksh: one minute I will ask ragini… he calls ragini and told her about swara and she told him to come at evening in their housee..

Laksh: dude ragini told me to bring swara in evening at our home

Sanky: soo thankus soo much and bids bye to him

Sanky talked to swara first she denied but later agreed for sanky’s sake..
Both goes to raglak home…

Ragini asked her about the nightmare… swara told her about what she saw…

Ragini: swara u said that u r getting these nightmares from 4 to 5 yrs…

Swara: yes ragini

Ragini: I see have u any accident or something 5 yrs before??

Swara: I don’t know but ya one day I wake up and saw myself in hospital and later I came to know that I met with accident but I din’t remember anything the night before accident… but after that accident I start getting nightmares..

Ragini: I think u forgot the night before accident but we can do one thing due to which u can remember that night..

Swara: what??

Ragini: hypnotize

Swara: okay im ready…

Soo ragini start hypnosis process and starts questioning swara

Swara starts telling…

Nightmare flashback

I was going to home after handling a late night emergency case… my car broke down but luckily there is a garage near by soo I give them my car and said to snd tomorrow morning I starts walking because my house is near by im walking from the road suddenly I heard someone scream I thought that someone is injured soo I go towards that direction but wht I saw is horrifying.. I saw that there are 5 to 6 goons with swords and guns in their hand.. and between them I saw a famous politican of the city.. he is very honest and good politician.. I don’t get anything but one thing I got that these goons wants to kill him I took my phone to call the police but there was no network soo I thought to make a video of this incident.. the goons killed that politician brutally I was seeing all this with tears and hand on my mouth but I decided to punish these culprits… I save the video but I don’t know when network came and my cell starts ringing the goons saw toward my direction they don’t saw my face due to dark but they can easily see mee soo they start chasing mee I runs from their starts running in the opposite direction of my house due to fear I saw an abondent mandir on the way soo I hide in that mandir goons came their but didn’t fund mee and goes from there.. after half hr I got up and starts running aimlessly but I got hit by a some vechicle and fall down.. after saying this swara woke up with a jerk…

Sanlakrag is seeing her condition she is sweating badly…

Ragini gave her water and said swara I think when you met with an accident u forgot that night due to stress…

Swara I think soo but I really want to punish those culprits because that politician is a very nice man I don’t know how his family felt…

Sanskar: swara u told that u record the video on your cell phone where is your cell phone??

Swara: I don’t know sanky I didn’t find the cell when I woke up next day I think may be it destroyed during accident or maybe I lose it during running

Laksh: it’s a matter of 5 yrs before I don’t think soo we can find that cell phonee..

Ragini: there is one possibility may be swara forgot that cell phone in mandir??

Swara thought for a while and said ya I remember I hide that cell phone inside the mandir in a lone corner…

Sanky: I think we have to chck there..

Everybody nodes and goes towards the mandir…

And start searching the cell phone finally after half hr they found a cell phone but it was in a very bad condition but luckily not destroyed..

Sanky: I think we can try it after charging it

Laksh: ya u r ritee..

They all go toward swasan home and put the cell phone on charging and start wait in the meantime swarag make a dinner and they all four start eating…

After dinner they check the cellphone it starts with great difficulty but finally started but screen becomes soo blur that why sanky take out the memory card and put in his cell phone they saw the video and become shocked after seeing the video..

Sanky: he is the famous politician of that time but he suddenly disappeared soo that’s the reason they first killed him after that they create a scene like that he goes somewhere with his family..

Laksh: I think we have to goo to the police..

Sanky: I don’t think soo dude may be police also involved in this matter we have to be very care ful regarding this matter..

Ragini: yes u r rite sanky…

Lucky: okay guys we will discuss all this later and sanky if u need our help any time calls uss

Sanky: sure dude

Raglak bids by to swasan and swasan goes to their room..
In the room

Sanky in going towards the bed suddenly stop after listening swara

Swara: mr tycoon I think u have forgetting something??

Sanky gave her a confused look and said what??

Swara gave him a death glare and points toward the table in which there are his vitamins tablets.

Sanky makes faces after seeing them and said lady gabbar please naa im fit n fine why u always tries to kill me with these tablets..

Swara: I think u forgot that slaps

Sanky put his hand on his cheeks and said I was just joking yr by saying this he gulps his tablets and lay down on bed..

Swara smiles on seeing his antics.. and lay down beside him… sanky took her in his embrace and slept after pecking her forehead..

to be continued……

precap: punishing the culprits and swara’s torture on sanky (but why) u will came to know in next episode but for that u have toooooo comment ?

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