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swara u r my everything (two shots) part-1

She is running aimlessly it seems like she is hiding from something but from what?? There is all dark around but she didn’t bother and running continuously then suddenly she bump into someone and scream loudly……..

Swaraa….swaraaaaaa…swaraaaaaaa….. Someone is jerking her but she is only screaming….. Suddenly the person jerks her strongly and she got upp and gave the person horrified expression…..


Person: again the same nightmare shona???

Swara saw the person blankly but after few minutes hugs the person tightly and starts crying badly….

Swara: I don’t know sanky why these nightmares always haunting meeee

Sanskar: ssshhhh… stop crying these are only the night mares nothing else…. now stop worrying sleep peacefully… kissed her forehead and make her sleep and lay down beside her and take her in his embrace…

Sankar’s POV:

Im sanskar meheswari the number one ruthless business tycoon… who don’t show mercy to any one…. In other words all the world calls me as heartless beast because I don’t tolerate any fraud any mistake in business but this all for the outer world and business world because in home im a loyal able or u can say joru ka ghulaam of my wife but I didn’t mind of becoming joru ka ghulam because my wife swara is my everything she hold my hand when I lost my everything in fact I owe my life to her…. She saves me by putting her life in danger….. we don’t know each other but she saved my life without demanding anything…. I remember the day when I lost my family infront of my eyes…

Flashback (of past)

Due to some rivalry sanskar and his family was brutally killed by setting fire in his house in the night time but sanskar was not at home that time that’s why he got saved… but when he reached home he saw his whole house burning… goons who is present that time also saw him and attacks on him but sanskar escape from their but unfortunately he met with an accident and his car fall down from the cliff and burst out.. goons thought that he died and they left from there… on the other side sanskar jumps from his car and fall down in the river and injured badly but somehow he managed to come out from the river it is the time of sun rise… he is walking with great difficulty on the lonely road and he is losing all his energy that’s why he didn’t notice a truck coming and the truck is going to hit him but someone pushed him and both fall down from the hill rolling down… the person saved him cried in pain… but seeing sanky state that person immediately got up and starts patting his cheeks… sanksar is almost unconscious but he only sees the person who saved him was a girl and he fainted…

He open his eyes and saw around but didn’t get anything before he think further he heard the door opening sound and he saw a girl coming from the door having bandage on her head and hand but also having a smile on her face…

Girl: how r u now???

Sanskar: im fine but where I am and who r u??

Girl: well my name is swara and u r now in my home

Sanskar: your home but how I came here?

Swara: actually u r going to hit by truck and I saved u from hitting but in this process you fainted soo with the help of one taxi driver I brought u here..

Sanskar: but why here?? Why not any hospital??

Swara: because im also a doctor and having the fisrt aid facility in my home and my home was nearer soo that’s why I brought u here… now I think its enough of talk I think u should rest now but before that give me your family’s number soo I can inform them

After listening swara… sanskar remember the dreadfull night and tears start flowing from his eyes..

Swara who is looking him with a question face become shocked after seeing his tears and said heyy wht happened to u is it paining somewhere please tell mee

Sanskar while sobbing no its not paining anywhere but its paining in heart because I lost my family last nyt by saying this he starts crying due to which he faced pain in his head… swara give him injection so that he can sleep…

After 6 hrs sanskar wakes up and saw swara is sitting in the near by couch and reading something..

Sanskar: mis swara??

Swara saw him and got up with a smile and said how r u feeling now?

Sanskar: much better

Swara: good I think u should eat something mr..???

Sanskar: sankar… and please I don’t want to eat anything I just want to go back.. he said with tears in his eyes but compose himself.. and tries to get up but swara stops him..

Swara: look mr. sanskar u can go back only when I permit to go because u r still very weak mentally and physically both soo u have to take rest for few days after that u can go where u want to goo..

Sanakr looked at her with shocked expression because everybody afraid of him and thinks before speaking anyword but this girl gave him a whole lecture in one go…

Sanskar: look mis swara…

Swara: you look mr sanskar I saved your life by putting my life in danger and that’s why I owe your life soo don’t u dare to go against mee.. now stop talking and drink this soup… and don’t u dare utter a single word while drinking this understand??? She said with anger and bossy tone..

Sanskar first shocked but later smiled and nodded like a child he don’t know why he is listening her but he feels good in heart because after losing his family he wants someone to be with him…

2 days later and in these 2 days both become good frnd and sanskar also told her about his family and their death…. And swara all the time console her… sanskar all contact his loyal able pa come frnd for the whole situation…. And decided to goo back after he fully recovered…

Swara also told him about her being orphan and he got to know that she become doctor after getting scholarships and by doing part time jobs… he admires her struggle

After when he fully rcovered he left from swara house and promised her that he will take good care of himself… he said to swara to come with her but she denied and said that she have to look after her patients.. in these days they become only best frnd and till now don’t feel anything for each other…

Sanskar came back and becomes the old ruthless business man but now more than anything else in other words he is now a wounded loin who wants to destroyed the whole world…. Sanky after struggle of almost 2 months is able to punish his family’s culprit.. in these 2 months both swasan talked with each other only twice or thrice due to busy schedule of both… but they missed each other company a lot….

One day sanky is doing something in his cabin.. his table phone rang he pick it up with anger and starts scolding the receptionist..

Sanskar: what the hell riya I told u don’t disturb me then why the hell u called??

Riya with fear: sorryyy sir but there is a lady who is continuously saying that she wants to meet you..

Sanskar: I don’t want to meet anyone tell her to get the hell out of hear and put the receiver back with a thud but after few minutes he jumped from his seat after a loud noise.. and looks towards the direction and shocked to saw swara standing at the door with full angry and red face..

Sanskar came out from shocked and surprised after seeing swara and said..

Sanskar: array swara how u came here?? Please come here why u r standing at the door and why u didn’t called me i snd my driver to pick u..

Swara in the whole time seeing him with full rage and came near him and gave him a tight slap…

Sanskar shocked after getting the slap whereas riya also shocked who came behind swara to stop her..

Sanskar came out from the shock and look toward riya and signs her to go and turns toward swara and gave her a death glare and said what was that swara how dare u to slap me??

But swara gave him another slap….

Sanskar become numb after getting the second slap but before he said anything swara starts beating him..

Swara: u idiot duffer, monkey donkey how dare u to said me get the hell out of here??? I came to meet you after cancelling my appointments and thought to give u a surprise but what u have done with me??

She said all this with a teary eyes..

Sanskar who is angry till now become shocked after listening all this and feels guilty after seeing tears in her eyes…

Sanskar hugs her and said sorry shonaa actually I was buzy with a impartant project that’s why I become little bit irritated please maaf kr dou naa he said by holding his ears..

Swara laughs after seeing him and wipes her tears and said mr.. sanskar meherwari this is the first and last time im forgiving u next time if u do this I will give u more slaps understand??

Sanky put his hand on his cheeks and said: noo never u know ur slap are much painfull than anything elseee…but shona why u slapped me infront of riyaa what she think he said all this with a puppy face..

Swara: she only think that she think nothing and starts laughing…

Sanky: u r impossible now sit and tell me what u want to eat??

Swara: first a biggggggggggggg dairy milk after that I’ll tell you

Sanky smiles and ordered a bigggggggggggggggg dairy milk for her….

Like this they spend some time and swara left from there after 1 week sanky goes to meet because its an off day for both…. And he wants to surprise her

(swara is living in the nearby city from sanky’s city soo sanky left early morning to meet her)

Sanky ring the doorbell but nobody opened the door… he ring 4,5 times but no answer.. he thought that maybe she got some emergency case… soo sanky goes to take out key from the near flower pot (swara before leaving always put keys in the flower pot and sanky knows about this) but sanky didn’t find the keys he become worried because he knows that swara never forgot about this he calls on her cell while walking but he heard her ring tone from inside the home because he is near the window on swara room he looked from the window but its all dark he become worried and calls her again but he only found the light of cell from the near by side table he goes towards the main door and ring the bell again but no answer soo he left with no option and breaks the door.. he runs towards the swara’s room and switch on the light and become shocked after seeing the scenario swara is laying on the floor and there is a dried blood on her forehead due to a small wound he panics to see her and goes toward her and picks her up and tries to wake her upp after sometime swara woke up and gets surprised after seeing sanskar

Swara: sasnakr what r u doing here and when did u came by saying this she tries to wake up but feels pain in her head and screams a little..

Sanskar: don’t u dare to get up and goes to bring first aid box and done her first aid and gave her a water to drink…

Sanskar with anger: how can u be soo careless swara?? Have u any idea how much I worried after seeing u like this? I came to give u a surprised but I only become surprised..

Swara: relax sanky its just a minor wound nothing else I think late night I got up and slipped she said all this by avoiding eye contact with him… sanky notice this but thought to ask her some other day

Sanskar: now im not going to listen anything u r coming with mee..

Swara shocked to listen this and said: sanky how can i?? u know naa my….

Sansar: yaaa I know your job but I don’t want to listen anything u r coming with me that’s final I will got u transferred to my cities hospital branch now no more argument..

Swara tries to say something but sanky cuts her and said..

Sanskar: swara u r only my family in this whole world u r my best frnd my everything u supported mee when a completely broke down now I don’t have any courage to lose u please for my sake come with me…please

Swara with teary eyes nodes her head and hugs him tightly…. But she is feeling a fear inside her heart but compose herself.. like this swara shifted with sanky in his house and starts doing job.. like this 3 months have passed… one day sanky is doing work in his study suddenly he ehard some scream he goes toward the source and found that its swara’s scream… he goes in her room and saw that she is screaming in sleep he jerk her and she woke up….

Sanky: what happened shona?? Any bad dream??

Swara hugs him tightly and starts crying.. sanky pats her head and ask her again..

Swara while sobbing said sanky im seeing the nightmare from last 4 yrs but I don’t know wht are those and that day when u came I also having the nightmare due to which a got hurt fainted..

Sanky console her and said don’t worry it just a night mare u please sleep now by saying this he made her lay and she slept…

After one week there is a business party where sanky takes swara asloo but in that party some business rivals badmouth about swara and her relation with sanskar due to which sanky got angry and announced his marriage with swara next week..swara shocked after listening this but remain quite after seeing his anger… and they both return home..

Sanky: im sorry swara I didn’t got anything that time but I will handle all the things u no need to worry about this marriage..

Swara saw him with a smile on her face and said: sanky we both have to marry one day with somebody soo what iff we both got married with eachother??

Sany shocked after listening her and said what??

Swara: we both are best frnd soo it doesn’t matter that we get married with each other

Sanky smiles after listening her and hugs her and said: swara I know we don’t love each other but I respect u a lot and I’ll try my best to make u happy always or may be after sometime we both start loving each other he said this with a naughty winky..

Swara slaps his shoulder and said han han dekhain gay and starts laughing which is joined by sankyy….

After one week both got married…

Flashback ends…..

Sanky thought today 1 month have past of our marriage im very lucky to have swara as my life partner and somewhere in my heart I start loving her,,,she is my everything my only family my best frnd everything i don’t want to lose her for any reason and im very disturbed due to her nightmare… she always becomes scared whenever she saw them I think I have to consult a doctor for her.. it pained after seeing her scared….. by saying this he pecks on her hair and take her in his tight embrace and slept….

To be continued….

Precap: reason behind swara’s nightmare

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