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Swara FF: white rose still pure? (episode 1)

hi my cute sisters. . so happy to see your positive response to this hope.. I have a fear you may accept it on future or not.. but I will accept all your opinions. you can feel free to comment. Thank you so much all for your love and support. . keep supporting. . love you all..
here is the first episode:

Kolkata’s government school.. a girl was sitting on her class. she was wearing a light blue and white uniform suit. she has no make up or ornaments. yet she looks like an angel. she has a very gorgeous face and perfect body. she is our heroine swara boss. a 12 th grade student. today is her birthday. 18 th birthday.
” happy birthday swara” someone wished her in a soft voice. swara was reading a book. she raised her head. a lovely smile appeared on her cute face. .


” thank you so much laksh” she replied . yes it is laksh . swara’s best friend. .
” where is sweets? ” laksh asked her. swara’s face faded. . laksh understand it.
” oh.. my dear girl I just asked. I know your devil aunty will not buy anything for you. Don’t worry forget my question” laksh tried to make her happy.
” laksh I will study hard. and will get a good job. then I will celebrate my whole birthday. and I will invite you for sure. ” swara said in confident voice.
” you are class topper na. you will get job easily. ” laksh said with smile.
bell rings. class started. swara was attending class . neena her friend who was sitting near her touched her hand to say something.

” neena listen the class. . ” swara said
” swara that karthik is staring you. like that he will eat you now” neena whispered to swara. swara looks to karthik. he was staring her . swara felt disgust and uncomfortable. she give him a disgusting and sharp look. and started to follow the class again.
” swara you are very beautiful. so all guys are staring you” neena said again.
” shut up neena. I’m not that beautiful. and I don’t want to be.. I want to study and get a job fast. so that I can live a peaceful life with my dadi” swara’s voice shivers while saying it. all girls crave for beauty. but swara crave for a peaceful life . her life is not better than a hell.. her aunty treats her as a servant. used to taunt her and bash her all times. uncle is a puppet of aunty. their daughter kavita elope with a guy few months ago. kavita was only 18 that time. that day aunty beats swara brutally. aunty is saying that because of swara their daughter eloped. swara had tears in her eyes.

Evening. .
swara was going to her house. karthik comes to her.
“hey swara.. today is your 18th birthday ha.. happy birthday” he said .
” thanks ” swara said with a fake smile and began to walk fastly. but karthik too walk with her..
” swara did you know what you have very good features. . your many friends have boyfriends. why don’t you have one? it will be very fun. ” he said while scanning her body. swara feels very angry and disgusted.
” I’m not interested. Please stop disturbing me” swara said in anger..
” I’m not disturbing you dear.. I just..” karthik was about to say something . but suddenly laksh came there and cut his words.

” hey karthik.. sahil sir is searching you.. go and meet him soon” laksh said to karthik.
” ok then bye swara” karthik runs to office room.
” thank you laksh for saving me ” swara thanked laksh in a relief.
” I know he is trying to flirt with you. but when I’m here no one will do so” laksh said by patting his own shoulders.
” why sahil sir is searching him? ” swara asked.

” sahil sir is a nice and sweet person. he is trying to make karthik a good boy by advancing him” laksh replied.
” poor sahil sir.. that karthik will not change at all” swara said .
” it is our luck that we get sahil sir as our class teacher” laksh said .
” true laksh. he is a gentle man.. very good person. he teaches well and behaves very sweetly to all.. ” swara said .
by this time swara reached her home. she said bye to laksh and enter in to the house.
” so you are also trying to elope. hei na? if you are doing so do it soon.. we will be frer from a burden. ” aunty’s taunt welcomed swara . swara’s eyes became wet by this cruel comment.
” aunty please. . I will not do anything like this” swara tried to say but aunty cutted her words..

” ha I saw you are coming with a boy. he is your lover na? you both spending time together and having fun na? you cheap dirty girl.. ” aunty abused her badly.. swara brust in to tears. dadi heard all this and felt bad for swara.
” please kaveri.. why you are hurting swara? she is not like your daughter. .” dadi’s words made kaveri aunty more angry.
” praise this girl and defame my daughter. . but one day because of this girl we all should suffer.. this girl is a burden to us” kaveri leaves to kitchen in anger. swara hugged dadi cried badly. daid consoles her and kissed her forehead.
next day.

it was a sunday. swara had tution for maths. as she is little weak in that subject. sahil sir is taking tution in his tution center . many students are studying there. swara has no money to pay as tution fees. but she scores 99% marks in other subjects. so sir will not receive any money from her.
swara goes to tution center her aunty tounted her for that also. but for swara study is more important than anything. so she didn’t care aunty’s taunts and goes for tution.

in tution center.. no one was there. swara was little confused. . she enter in to room and sit on her seat. time passed but no one came.. swara was little feared.
“swara..” she heard someone calling her.
it was laksh. swara smiled at him.

” laksh why no students are here? I was afraid . that god that you came” swara said to him.
” don’t worry swara. all will come soon” laksh said. he take a sweet box from his bag.
” swara take it.. my mom made this” laksh offered her sweets. swara take one and have it.. she feels dizzy after having it.. after a few minutes she fainted on the floor..
laksh smirked at her evily..
Swara felt immense pain in her body. she tried to open her eyes. her vision was blur.. her body is paining like hell.. she was lying on the floor.. a blanket cover her body.. swara was hell shocked and shattered to know there was no cloths in her body. ..

in fictions we can introduce a hero to wipe swara’s tears and support her. but in real life it will not happen. here swara has no parents or siblings. her situation will be more worse..

guys I don’t know how you will accept this ff.. but I’m trying to show the reality. and please forgive me swara has to suffer more.. and this is not a couple ff. it is swara ff.. Please give your comments ..

with love


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