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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Pratima talking to Dadi about old things. Dadi says yes, I remember. Suhani asks Dadi what else happened. Dadi says Pratima will say, I feel unwell, I m going to rest. She goes. Pratima tells Suhani about dahi haandi competition, Yuvraaj’s dad won it and gave money to all laborers. Soumya says maybe Yuvraaj got this quality from his dad, he wins every year, but some years back, he fell and got hurt, Suhani served him and prayed for him, that he got fine. Sambhav hears them.

Sambhav says even I m dahi haandi champion, I m not weak, I won’t fall. Yuvraaj comes and says that was an accident, I don’t like to fall. Yuvani says accidents happen, so you will win. Yuvaan says we will do competition to know whose Papa is best. Sharad says yes, we did not enjoy about dahi haandi since many years. Yuvraaj agrees. Sambhav says we are guests, if we make Yuvraaj lose, he will feel bad. Menka says what competition are they saying.

Later, everyone has a small competition to guess their wives. The women stand with ghunghat on their face. Sharad asks Saurabh not to do mistake. Saurabh says I know my wife well. He lifts Menka’s ghunghat and Rags scolds him. Sambhav goes to guess Suhani. Soumya says now there is two ladies, lets see you can identify Suhani or not. Sambhav says I can identify her among 100 people. He holds a ghunghat. Yuvraaj says that’s not Suhani. Sambhav says I know my wife well and lifts ghunghat. Bhavna says sorry, you lost, I m not Suhani. Suhani lifts ghunghat and smiles. Rags says sorry Sambhav, I feel Yuvraaj knows Suhani better than you.

The kids see the dahi haandi tied at high level. Yuvaan and Yuvani talk about the bet, whose Papa will win. Suhani thinks there is something wrong about Dadi. Yuvraaj goes to talk to Suhani. He sees Dadi and starts scolding Suhani, asking her to stop doubting on Dadi. Suhani says but, fine go to hell. She turns and sees Dadi. Dadi smiles.

Yuvraaj and Sambhav go for the competition. Suhani looks on. She says Yuvraaj… Yuvani wishes him all the best. Yuvaan wishes Sambhav all the best. Yuvraaj and Sambhav climb on the human pyramid. Everyone look on. The kids happily record the video. Yuvraaj looks at Suhani and signs her. She thinks how to thank you and smiles. Sambhav sees her smiling and seeing Yuvraaj. He gets angry.

Suhani and Yuvraaj see Sambhav reaching the dahi haandi. He takes the coconut and breaks the haandi. Yuvaan jumps and says Papa won. Sambhav angrily sees Yuvraaj. Suhani smiles. Yuvani asks Yuvraaj why did he lose. He says go and ask mumma, she made me lose. Yuvaan asks Suhani to see video of Sambhav’s win. Suhani sees video and sees Dadi making a call to someone, asking to d some work, everyone is busy in Janmashtami.

Sambhav comes and asks for phone. He says you have this and I was looking for it. Yuvani says come, I have to know from mumma, they cheated and made you lose. Yuvraaj says its just game, win and lose happens. He gets message. Yuvani says we will do another competition, you have to win. Yuvaan asks Sambhav to see video. Sambhav asks them to show.

Suhani asks him to have food first. He says no, I will see video first. Yuvaan asks did you delete video mumma. Suhani says no, why will I, I have seen video. Yuvaan says you did not save video, you deleted my video before too. Suhani acts innocent and says don’t give me phone again, Yuvani has video, see from her phone. Yuvaan goes. Suhani returns phone to Sambhav.

Yuvraaj thinks why did Sambhav send this clip to me and sees the video. He sees Dadi telling someone that Yuvraaj trusts me, we won’t get better chance than this. Suhani comes. Yuvraaj asks whats this. She says I have sent this, I deleted clip from Sambhav’s phone, he can’t see this now. He says we have to find out to whom was Dadi talking. Yuvani jokes on Yuvaan. Yuvaan asks Sambhav to find out the video. Sambhav says I will find the video from trash. Sambhav tries to find video. Soumya comes and tells Yuvani that Yuvraaj went with Suhani. Sambhav gets upset and leaves.

Yuvraaj says we will go farmhouse directly and leaves with Suhani. Sambhav looks on and thinks where are they doing together.

Goon tells Fake Dadi that they made Dadi unconscious. Yuvraaj and Suhani try to find Dadi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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