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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Suhani saying I m leaving as Sambhav needs my care. Sambhav comes and says I knew you are coming there for my sake and wanted to stay here, so I came here. He asks Pratima can he stay here and celebrate Teej. Pratima says yes. The kids get glad. Pratima tells Suhani that they will celebrate Teej well. Rags and Menka say we will go to parlor. Bhavna asks them to ask Dadi. Soumya comes and reminds the punishment given by Dadi. She says she will help Pratima in arrangements. Rags asks why, you are not part of this house. Menka says you are widow, not suhaagan to celebrate Teej.


Dadi asks Sambhav why did you ask Suhani to stay here. Sambhav says if I did not do this, she would have come here, if she is here, you can keep an eye on her, if you save me, I will save you, that’s why no one knows you are not their real Dadi. She says I got you and Suhani married, I would have made Yuvraaj and Suhani marry to take revenge. He says don’t think so, else I will say your truth to everyone, I m supporting you as you kidnapped Yuvraaj. She says you did the kidnap. He says yes, to save you. She says we both need each other, it will be better that we don’t blame each other. He sees the clock and the photos on the wheels. He asks why is my photo here. She says so that I can take revenge if you cheat me. He smiles and keeps Dadi’s pic in the wheel too. He says this is because, you don’t ever think to cheat me.

Bhavna says I don’t want to do arrangements with Soumya. Suhani asks them not to fight. Bhavna refuses to take Soumya’s help. Soumya asks why. Suhani says our relations and times changed. Pratima says Suhani and Bhavna will do the arrangements. Sambhav thanks Yuvraaj for giving him permission to stay here. He says I wanted to stay here as its Teej. Yuvraaj goes. The kids ask Pratima about Teej. Pratima says husband and wife’s love is seen in this Teej, everyone pray to Lord Shiv and Parvati, who are ideal husband and wife. Sambhav says I will add five tablets so that I can get Suhani, I can then show Yuvraaj that Suhani is mine. He lays on the bed and touches sheets weirdly.

Krishna says my mumma is alone, can’t she celebrate Teej. Pratima says husband has to be there for Teej, but you be strong and support Soumya. Krishna agrees. Menka orders the food for tomorrow. Sharad and Saurabh smile. Rags says its Teej tomorrow. Soumya thinks Menka can’t order anything. Bhavna asks Sharad to call khichdi for her. Rags says I will also have plain food. Menka says fine, I will give final order, I want paneer dish and pulao, I won’t share my food. Bhavna goes to meet Suhani. Sambhav takes gulaab jamun sweets from the fridge and thinks to add tablets in it.

Yuvraaj helps Sharad in holding the idol. Suhani helps Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj recalls an old moment. Sambhav adds tablets in the sweets and goes. Suhani and Yuvraaj place the idol of Shiv and Parvati. Sambhav thinks you do anything Yuvraaj, but Suhani is mine. Suhani thinks why is such dangerous things happening. Sambhav gives her black jamuns. Suhani smiles and says I really like this. He says congrats to me, I understood your likes, dislikes and wishes in some time.

Soumya says everyone called me widow, I will see how they keep the fast without having any food. She dumps all the food. Suhani eats the sweets and likes it. Bhavna comes and says no one asked me to have sweets. Sambhav asks them to sit and talk, he will go out. He asks Suhani to have black jamuns as much as she wants, as he won’t complain about her weight. He goes. Bhavna says he loves you a lot. Suhani says my first love is this black jamun. Soumya gets food to her room, and thinks to taste it before throwing. She tastes the food and says when I throw the food, what will Rags and Menka eat. Rags and Menka come and see her. Soumya gets shocked.

Suhani holds her head and tells Sambhav about headache. Sambhav massages her head. She falls asleep and he gets close. She opens her eyes and pushes him away. He thinks why did she not get affected by medicine. She says I told you we will not have husband and wife relation, I married you because of Yuvaan. She leaves.

Yuvraaj gives samosas to Suhani. He says I don’t have right to ask why you were crying, I want you to smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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