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Story of Friendship and Love – Part 2

Hi guys first of all so sorry for not uploading
I wanted to upload it on thursday but I couldn’t and as you all know it was Raksha Bandhan so got busy in that and after that I got busy in reading other ff’s. And thank you so much Sny, s, Fairy, Lisa, Ammu, Tamanna and Hemalattha for the comments. So here’s the next part.

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A guy is seen entering the house and he’s calling someone
Guy(shouting): sanky sanky where the hell are you
Just then a girl is seen coming downstairs
Girl: sahil why are you shouting like a mad person
Sahil: preeti please. Now tell my where is your brother
Preeti: he’s in his room packing his stuff. Any problem
Just then a boy is seen coming downstairs with a suitcase
Boy: sahil what happened why are you shouting
Sahil: sanky how can you just cancel that meeting. You know na how important is was for us
Sanky: yeah I know but nothing is more important than her for me
Sahil: what are you talking about sanky and where are you going
Preeti: yes bhai where are you going
Sanky: I’m going to Kolkata she needs me and he tells the phone convo to sahil and preeti(convo will be revealed later)
Sahil and preeti were having tears in their eyes
Preeti(crying): bhai I will come with you
Sanky: no preeti I’ll go alone. Whenever I’ll need you I will call you all.
Sanky takes out his phone and dials a number
On the other side a manly voice is heard
Person: hello
Sanky: hey arjun sorry to disturb you but I need you to come to kolkata asap
Arjun: hey don’t apologize but why any problem
Sanky: I will tell you when we meet okay
Arjun: ok see you then
Sanky cuts the call
Sahil: sanky you don’t want us to come but you’re taking arjun with you. Why?
Sanky: cause he’s a doctor and I can’t anyone else regarding her health you very well know that. Okay I’m leaving now and sahil you and kavita please take care of preeti okay
Sahil: sure we will and you take care of everyone there okay if there is any problem just call me
Sanky: yeah I will. Bye princess
Preeti:bye bhai
Sanky left for the airport. After sometimes he landed it in kolkata and was waiting for arjun. Just then he heard someone calling his name and turned around to see who it was. It was arjun
Arjun: hey sanky
Sanky: hey lets go
And they got in a taxi and went to baadi

A woman in seen crying holding an older woman
Dida(consoling sumi): shomi calm down if you will be like this then how wil you console your daughter and sanky must be coming. You habe to be strong for your princess for your Rago
Sumi(crying): I’m trying my best ma but whenever I see her in that state I feel helpless, weak. I’m the worst mother ever who couldn’t save her daughter from that monster
Dida: control yourself shomi and dont blame yourself
Just then the taxi stopped infront of baadi. Sanky and arjun came inside and saw sumi crying and dida consoling her
Sanky(teary eyed): maa dida
Dida and sumi looked towards him. Sumi ran towards sanky hugged him and cried miserably
Sanky said while hugging sumi: maa don’t worry I’m here na. Nothing will happen to her
Sumi(still crying): please do something sanky I can’t see her like this I want my old Ragini back.
Sanky: don’t worry maa and now stop crying(wiping her tears) and tell me where is she
Sumi: in her room
Sanky: I’m going to meet her now okay(turning to arjun) arjun please stay here with dida and maa
Arjun nods and goes towards gadodia house. Before he could enter someone shouted at him
Person(angrily): just stop right there sanskaar. You’ve no rights to meet my daughter
Sanky who was now hell angry on seeing the person shouted at him
Sanky(angrily shouting): just shut up mr. Gadodia just shut up. You can’t stop me from meeting ragini understand and don’t you dare call her your daughter. And if you try to stop me I’ll forget that you’re older than me and maa’s husband and unfortunately my Rago’ father
Shekhar got shocked by seeing sanky so angry
Sanky ran upstairs to ragini’s room and when he opened the door he was completely shocked…

Why was sanky so shocked when he saw ragini? What happened to her?
Precap: some flashbacks and phone convo revealed.

Once again thank you guys for the comment. Hope you all like this one. And I’ll try to updats the next part soon

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