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What the hell guys!!! Literally what the hell!!!!
Why are you bashing varun KAPOOR??!!
Kya galat kiya hai usne??!! Aap log itni bash kyu kar rahe ho!!!! THAT TOO ON HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!

If helly considers varun as her close friend toh usme varun ki kya galti hai??!!
If varun doesn’t takes helly’s name in his IVs that doesn’t mean you can bash him or call him HYPOCRITE!!!!!!

If he takes teju’s name that doesn’t mean you can point out on their relationship!!!!!!

They are just good I mean prettyyyy good friends that’s it….and for God’s sake HE IS A MARRIED GUY and even dhanya loves tejaswi!!

Don’t you guys think people are overreacting…..sharing your opinion is OK but bashing someone is NOT SO COOL
When namish took helly’s name no one bashed him in such way then why are you bashing varun??!!!
Look guys without varun there is no swasan….so stop bashing him

I just hope TU publishes this article.. Bcoz I am really fed up of this bashing and all

Just keep spreading positivity
*no proof read

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  1. Why I gave the vote of best actor to such a person who don’t respect his fan hate him from bottom of my heart..rs should scold him for indirect affecting the show

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