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Star cross love (episode 4)

Abhi asks pragya can we go home .she says but we have to go to college na .abhi said do know what time it is .pragya said no abhi said ityou won’t come na with sad face. Abhi said who said I wont come with you. Pragya asked really n jumped like a kid .abhi looked at her n smiled.she said come on let’s have a race who reaches that post box first.they started to run n pragya reached it first.she saw it was drizziling soon started to rain pragya started to dance in rain she dragged abhi also in rain n danced with him. Soon they had a eyelock.song sanam re plays.pragya thought why I see my future in his eyes .abhi thinks why I am captured in her peacock eyes.they both wish that this moment should last forever.pragya broke the eye contact n said I think its time come let’s go. Abhi nodded n mumbled why my romantic moment is with her is always disturbed. Pragya smiled. They boarded the bus abhi was standing behind pragya the song un vizhigalil from Darling plays.they look into each others eyes. They came back to sense when they reached pragya stop she got down n said bye abhi.abhi too bid bye then after pragya moved he slowly got down from bus n went in car had messaged his driver to pick him at stop.he thought about his moments with pragya. He smiled to himself.he thought am I in love with her? Then he thought it’s only one day I have seen her I am thinking a about love he pushed it aside he reached home a soon as he entered his home ranveern purab rushed to him n asked what happened abhi why are you drenched someone hated rain but drenched purab said let me guess.I think someone is in love said purab.abhi said no purab let me explain my friend made he didn’t complete.but ranveer interrupted saying someone is carrying girls in their arms in college abhi ran to his room n closed the door. Here pragya too reached her house.she went into her room to take shower.she thought about abhi while water droplets dripping from her face.she sat in front of mirror n asked am I beautiful?someone said you r looking like an Angel. Pragya blushed it was abhi who was standing near her room door she was shocked.abhi came near her n pinned her to the wall n about to kiss pragya closed her eyes due to shyness.he ……
Wait guys r u ready to go on roller coaster ride of abhigya life.thank you will update soon.pls comment

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